Portulaca Molokiniensis Profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 10 2021

Portulaca Molokiniensis Profile

Portulaca molokiniensis is a perennial evergreen herbaceous plant belonging to Araceae Genus Araceae.

Portulaca Molokiniensis Picture

Portulaca Molokiniensis

Characteristics of Portulaca Molokiniensis

The stem of Portulaca molokiniensis is succulent and lignified, with rounded slightly thick leaves clustered at the top of the stem, arranged in a rose-like pattern. The stem us stout, branching, generally upright growth, aging will be easy to bend. The skin of the stem is cracked. From summer to winter, it has flowers, yellow flowers, shaped like horse tooth peony, flower pedestals generally have 5-8 small buds, gradually open, flowering only one day, usually open in the morning, night quietly thanks.

The above ground part has no main stem, indefinite bud germinates from tuber to form large compound leaf, lobules fleshy with short petiole, firm and thick green; The underground part is hypertrophic tuber. Root leaves, pinnate compound leaves are extracted from tuber tip, strong axial surface, lobules on the axis of opposite or subopposite. Portulaca molokiniensis petiole base is enlarged, lignified; Each compound leaf has 6 ~ 10 pairs of lobules, 2 ~ 3 + years of life, and is constantly renewed by new leaves. 

Ecological habits of Portulaca Molokiniensis

Portulaca molokiniensis prefers sunny and warm, dry environments, and is resistant to drought, dampness, cold and water in basins and soil. Although it can grow normally under the conditions of semi-shade and scattered light, the color of the leaves will decrease and the distance between the stems and nodes will lengthen, which makes the leaves of portulaca molokiniensis loose and not compact, affecting the ornamental value. Portulaca molokiniensis is sensitive to high temperature. When the summer temperature is too high, we should reduce watering, or it will cause leaf shrinkage and deciduous phenomenon.

In addition, pay attention to heat preservation in winter, try to keep above 10℃, otherwise it is easy to freeze to death. Portulaca molokiniensis is suitable for growth at 20℃ to 32℃, and watering during the growing period should be "do not do not water, but water thoroughly".

In the spring and Autumn period, supply normal water, In summer and winter we need to control water. Propagation is mainly by cutting. Know more about how to propagate Portulaca Molokiniensis.

Portulaca Molokiniensis

Distribution of Portulaca molokiniensis

Portulaca molokiniensis is native to Tanzania in East Africa, mainly in South America, and cultivated in many parts of the world.

Value of Portulaca molokiniensis

Ornamental value: Portulaca Molokiniensis has a beautiful plant type, pinnate compound leaves like strings of copper coins, and oval leaves with thick texture, which is of high ornamental value.

Ecology: Portulaca molokiniensis can be placed next to TV and computer, which can absorb radiation. It can also be planted indoors to absorb formaldehyde and purify the air.

Portulaca Molokiniensis