Pieris Japonica Profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 13 2021

Pieris Japonica Profile

Pieris Japonica, also called Japanese andromeda, Japanese pierisgenus Pieris Japonica, Ericaceae, evergreen shrub, 2 -- 4m tall. Racemose; Each inflorescence has 3 to 4 branches, dense urceolate florets, pendulous, corolla white or white green, capsule spherical.

Pieris Japonica Picture

Pieris japonica

Pieris Japonica Morphological Characteristics


Pieris Japonica is an evergreen shrub or small tree, 2-4m tall. The bark is brownish, branchlets spreading, glabrous; In winter bud is obovate, bud scales 3-8, imbricate arrangement.


Leaves of Pieris Japonica are denser than branch apices; Petiole is 3-8mm long, ventrally furred; Leaf blade is leathery, elliptic-lanceolate, or oblanceolate, 3 -- 8cm long, 1 -- 2cm wide, apically short acuminate, basally narrowly cuneate, margin more than 2/3 crenate, sparsely subentire, surface dark green, glossy, abaxially pale green, main veins convex on both sides, lateral veins concave on the surface, abaxially inconspicuous, veins reticulate.
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Racemes or panicles terminal or axillary, clustered at branch apices, 8 -- 14cm long, rachis pubescent; Sepals are triangular-ovate, ca. 3.5mm; Corolla is white, altarlike, distally 5-lobed, lobes suborbicular; pieris japonica has 10 stamens, filaments villous, 1 ovary, subglobose, style slender, stigma capitate. The capsule is nearly oblate, 3-5mm in diameter, loculicidal dehiscent, calyx and style persistent.

The flowering period of Pieris Japonica is from April to May, and the fruiting period is from July to September.

Pieris Japonica Ecological Habits

Pieris Japonica likes wet and semi-shade environments and is resistant to cold and bright sunlight. It can overwinter in the open air at a low temperature of -27℃, resistant to pruning and strong germination. Most pieris japonica varieties are not environmentally demanding.

Pieris Japonica Distribution

Pieris Japonica is distributed in southern China, Taiwan and other provinces such as Taiwan, Anhui, Zhejiang and Fujian. In thickets 800-1200 m above sea level. So does Japan.

Pieris japonica

Pieris Japonica Care

Pieris Japonica is a beautiful evergreen shrub with variegated leaves and pink inflorescence. It is resistant to cold, wind and pollution and has strong germination. It is also widely used in indoor potted plants and small courtyards in Europe and Japan. Pieris Japonica, native to China and Japan, evergreen shrub, plant height 4m, plant width 3m, narrowly obovate to elliptic leaves: pirate panicle, about 15cm long, bell-shaped flowers, white, pendent or semi-erect, late winter and spring flowering; Pieris Japonica can withstand a low temperature of 15℃. 

Choose soil

The young leaves of Pieris Japonica are colorful in color, including red, pink, pink green, tender yellow and orange-yellow. When planting in a small courtyard, it is advisable to choose the acid sandy loam soil with high elevation, good drainage, fertile and rich humus, and the row spacing is 2m to 3m. Potted available garden soil, sand, barnyard manure by 6:2:2 preparation.

Scientific fertilization

Pieris Japonica likes a warm, moist and half shade environment. The soil should be kept moist during the growth period, and the acid fertilizer of Hui You 21-7-7 should be applied once a month. In winter, furrows are opened to fertilize the periphery of the tree crown, and a layer of tree skin is covered to keep warm over the winter.

The temperature has to be right

Pieris Japonica is relatively cold-resistant and is afraid of high temperature and strong light exposure. Its growth ranges from 10 ℃ to 15℃. The cold-resistant species can withstand 15℃, and the general species can withstand 5℃.

Pieris Japonica Propagation

Seed propagation

The seeds were sown in the pot in spring and autumn, and the suitable temperature for germination was 13℃ ~ 18℃. The seeds germinated 30 ~ 40 days after sowing.

Cutting propagation

Cutting with tender shoots in early summer and semi-ripe shoots in late summer. Panicle length is 8cm ~ 10cm, room temperature is maintained at 20℃ ~ 24℃, and rooting 25 ~ 30 days after planting. Rooting can be promoted by treating the base with 5g/L indolebutyric acid for 2 ~ 3 seconds

Pieris Japonica Value

Pieris Japonica is poisonous but highly ornamental, so it is difficult to see large plants in the wild. Pieris Japonica can be cut flowers, bonsai, hedges and garden cultivation; Stems and leaves are poisonous, and people and animals eat them by mistake, which can lead to coma, breathing difficulties and movement disorders. Leaves are highly poisonous, its water decoction can kill agricultural pests.

Pieris Japonica is a common evergreen shrub found in European and American courtyards

Pieris Japonica Flower Language

Pieris Japonica flower language is sacrifice, danger, pure love.

Pieris japonica