How to grow and care for Pieris japonica

Written by Maggie

Sep 15 2021

How to grow and care for Pieris japonica

Pieris japonica has a beautiful plant shape, variously colored leaves, pink inflorescences, very attractive. Pieris japonica is widely used in Europe and Japan for indoor potted plants and small courtyard ornamental, cold resistance, wind resistance. Today we will talk about growing Pieris japonica hydroponically and Pieris japonica care.

Pieris japonica

Growing Pieris japonica hydroponically

Pieris japonica has been hydroponically grown by immersing its roots in a nutrient solution so that the plant can absorb nutrients. Water quality should be kept clear when aquaculture, water quality is not goodwill affect the growth rate of plants, serious will also lead to plant death, aquaculture can occasionally drop a few drops of nutrient solution into the water. The following are pieris japonica hydroponic growing method.

Hydroponics is a form of soilless culture in which the soil is replaced with a nutrient solution that is beneficial to plant growth. The roots of the plant are bathed in the nutrient solution so that the plant can grow naturally. Pieris japonica is a plant that can also be hydroponic. It's not surprising that many of the florists' Pieris japonica is hydroponic.

Hydroponics Pieris Japonica also has the advantage of being able to balance the nutrients, allowing the plant to get all the nutrients, something that is difficult to do with the soil, and the solution is environmentally neutral and sustainable. In the future, hydroponics will become the mainstream way of cultivation, will slowly spread.

Pieris japonica can grow to about four meters in length, so the hydroponic pots need to be replaced frequently, which adds a lot to the cost. Hydroponics can be viable, but it can be expensive, and soil farming is the best method for ornamental plants like Pieris japonica.

Pieris japonica care

When we care for Pieris japonica, a mixture of humus soil, river sand and garden soil can be used as nutrient soil. During the growth period, it should be placed in bright sunlight. The high temperature in summer requires water spraying to cool down, and the temperature should be controlled at about 10-15 ℃.

1. Soil care when growing Pieris japonica

Pieris japonica has a high requirement for substrates. It likes to grow in sandy acid soil with good drainage and rich humus. When potting, it can choose a mixture of humus soil, garden soil, sand soil and bark as culture soil.

2. Environmental care for growing Pieris japonica

Pieris japonica has strong cold resistance but is afraid of high temperature and strong light exposure. In the peak growing season, the plant should be placed in a sunny environment for maintenance, and the temperature should be controlled at about 10 ~ 15℃. In the summer high-temperature season, the plant should be moved to a ventilated and cool place, and water should be sprayed to the surrounding ground to cool down so as not to be burned.

3. Watering care for growing Pieris japonica

Appropriate watering is one of the keys when we grow Pieris japonica. Pieris japonica is a hydrophilic plant. In the peak season of growth, adequate water should be given to keep the soil moist, but to prevent water, summer watering should be increased appropriately, maintain air humidity at about 85%, and keep the soil slightly dry in autumn and winter.

Pieris japonica

4. Fertilizing care when growing Pieris japonica

Pieris japonica is a fertility plant. During its growth period, liquid fertilizer can be applied once a month, mainly with special acid flower fertilizer. After fertilization, an appropriate amount of water should be added to dilute the fertilizer concentration.

Pieris japonica care for diseases prevention

1. Shoot dieback

1. A lot of people want to know what are the common diseases of Pieris japonica and how to prevent them. One of the more common diseases of Pieris japonica is dieback disease, which starts with the epidermis of the twig breaking open and the resin escaping and the surrounding leaves dying. Since then, the disease will continue to expand, its disease because of the soil water, insufficient nutrition, insect pests and other reasons.

And its prevention methods can be used 0.2% carbendazim, boric acid, Bordeaux mixture medicament sprayed with water in the Pieris japonica surface, can play a protective effect, but if this disease have occurred, requires the branches and leaves of diseases will happen in all cut-off, burnt to the ground and above the wound spray Bordeaux mixture, carbendazim, etc the potion.

2. Leaf spot

Leaf spot disease is characterized by oval patches of reddish-brown around which the green gradually fades before larger irregular patches form. Eventually, the plaque will be completely black and the disease will spread around.

Its prevention and treatment method is also the need to promptly cut off all the branches and leaves with symptoms, burned all, to prevent the occurrence of re-infection, and the wound disinfection can use the concentration of 50% of 500 times torbujin spray, can play a role in prevention and treatment.

Pieris japonica care for pests prevention


Pieris japonica's branches and leaves are relatively lush. Whenever the spring temperature increases, its buds are vulnerable to aphids, which will reduce the ornamental value of the plant. First, the plant needs to be washed with water and ventilated, and the plant should be appropriately sprayed with imidacloprid water solvent and an anti-aphid agent for control.


If the roots of Pieris japonica were damaged by nematodes during the growth process, the plant would rot easily, causing the whole plant to wilt and die in the basin soil. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately replace the plant with new soil for conservation, reduce the amount of water and fertilizer, put it in the sun for conservation, and irrigate the soil with dichlorvos for control.


Pieris japonica curing under high temperature in summer, its branches and leaves are easy to suffer from the harm of Starscream, absorb the nutrition of the plant, actually in the Pieris japonica common pests and prevention method. It is ok to pay attention to ventilation and prevent bask in summer, suffer from the harm of Starscream, must immediately give plant spraying, dicofol, dimethoate and drug prevention and control.

Scale insects

Scale insects are also an insect pest that Pieris japonica is vulnerable to. They also absorb nutrients from the plant, and it is difficult to kill them with pesticides. The first step is to topcoat the plant with NPK compound fertilizer and treats weeds around the plant.

Pieris japonica