Pericallis Hybrida profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 10 2021

Pericallis Hybrida profile

Pericallis Hybrida, known as cineraria, florist's cineraria or common ragwort, is suitable to be given to relatives and friends during the Spring Festival. The flowers are colorful and reflect the beautiful mind.

Pericallis Hybrida picture

Pericallis Hybrida

The characteristic of a Pericallis Hybrida

Pericallis Hybrida is a kind of perennial herb.Stems erect, 30-70 cm tall, densely white pilose. Leaves are stipulate, leaf blade large, nephritic to broadly cordate, sometimes upper leaves triangular-cordate, 10-15 cm long, 10-20 cm wide, apex acute or acuminate, base deeply cordate, margin irregularly triangular lobed or obtuse, green above, gray-white below, densely tomentose. Leaves are palmate, concave above, convex below, petiole 4-10 cm long, base enlarged, clasping;Upper leaves smaller, subsessile.Inflorescence 3-5 cm in diam., numerous, arranged in broad corymbose form at stem tip. Peduncle is  thick, 3-6 cm long. Involucral bracts  are campanulate, 5-10 mm long, 7-15 mm wide. Involucral bracts are 1-layered, lanceolate, apically acuminate.

The florets are purplish red, light blue, pink or nearly white. Tongue is spreading, elliptic, 2.5-3.5 cm long, 1-1.5 cm wide, apically with 3 small teeth. Tubular flowers are yellow, ca. 6 mm long. Achenes are oblong, ca. 1.5 mm long, ribbed, initially glabrous, later glabrous.Crested white, 4-5 mm long. Flowering period is from: March - July.

Pericallis Hybrida growth habit

Pericallis Hybrida loves a warm, moist and well-ventilated environment. It is intolerant of heat and fear of frost. pericallis hybrida is  generally cultivated in low-temperature greenhouse,  and the temperature at night is not less than 5℃, but the seedlings can also withstand the low temperature of 1℃. In the day, the temperature is not more than 20℃, 10℃-15℃ is the most appropriate. Excessively high room temperature tends to lengthen, resulting in internode elongation and lack of commercial value. Low temperature affects plant growth and small flower development.

Pericallis Hybrida is a light-loving plant, with plenty of sunshine, thick and deep leaves and brilliant colors. However, if the sunshine is too strong, it will cause curly leaves and lack vitality. The melon leaf chrysanthemum leaf is big and thin, and needs to maintain sufficient moisture, but cannot be too wet, with the leaf not wilting advisable.

Pericallis Hybrida

The geographical distribution of Pericallis Hybrida

The Pericallis Hybrida was born in the Canary Islands of the Atlantic. It is widely cultivated in parks or courtyards throughout China. Beautiful and colorful, it is a common bonsai flower and ornamental plant that decorates garden rooms. pericallis Hybrida gardening variety is numerous. It can be roughly divided into four types: large, star, middle and multi-flower, and there are varieties with different double petals and different heights in different types.

Pericallis Hybrida propagation method

Generally, Pericallis Hybrida is propagated by sowing, which is propagated on the surface of the basin in August. Keep the temperature at 20℃-25℃, and it takes six months from sowing to flowering. The double petal varieties were mainly cut in the upper part of the plant, then the strong branches germinated in the stem were taken and cut in the coarse sand.

How to grow and care for Pericallis Hybrida

1. Basin soil care

Pericallis Hybrida and so on 2-3 pieces of true leaves long, you can on the pot for planting. Pericallis Hybrida The basin soil of Pericallis Hybrida requires loose and breathable and fertile. It can be planted by mixing peat soil, leaf rot soil and perlite in the proportion of 2:2:1. On the basin should also add sufficient amount of fermentation organic fertilizer as base fertilizer.

2. Lighting care

Pericallis Hybrida likes light, the young seedling in the maintenance process, should keep enough light. Insufficient light will cause fruitlessness. Under sufficient light, Pericallis Hybrida will grow more healthily.

3. Temperature care

Because it is in the autumn and winter to cultivate seedlings, autumn does not have to care too much about the temperature, to the winter need to pay attention to control the temperature. It is more suitable for the growth of Pericallis Hybrida to keep the ambient temperature at about 15 ℃.

If the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, Pericallis Hybrida will appear growth stagnation, when the temperature is lower than 0 degrees Celsius, Pericallis Hybrida is at risk of freezing damage, so pay attention to keep warm in winter, but not too warm, if the temperature is more than 20 degrees, Pericallis Hybrida is also prone to overgrowth.

4. Fertilizer and water care

Winter temperature is kept above 5 degrees, Pericallis Hybridda sustainable growth, need to do a good job of fertilizer and water management, seedling Pericallis Hybridda, top dressing should be based on NPK balanced growth fertilizer.

When Pericallis Hybrida buds appear, you can use potassium phosphate fertilizer.It should be noted that top dressing should be stopped if the flowers of Pericallis Hybrida begin to bloom. Because the flowering period of Pericallis Hybrida is very consistent, continuous topdressing during the flowering period may cause premature aging and shorter flowering period of Pericallis Hybrida.

The main value of Pericallis Hybrida

Pericallis Hybrida is one of the main ornamental plants in winter and spring. Its flowers are bright, can be used as a flower bed planting or potted arrangement in the porch corridor, giving a person a fresh and pleasant feeling.

Pericallis Hybrida

Decoration application

As the indoor display, a potted plant has an early flowering and its flowering is particularly precious in winter. Its flowers are colorful, especially the blue ones, shining with velvety luster, which is elegant and charming.

Pericallis Hybrida has a perfectly flowering and full of flowers. It can be attached to several racks in the display room, or it can form a pattern of multiple pots to decorate the inner courtyard of the hotel, assembly hall and theater, with flowers in a myriad and radiant. Usually single basin ornamental up to more than 40 days.

Ornamental value

The pattern of Pericallis Hybrida, the main cultivar has European "red flower", African "pink flower", Mediterranean "red inlay spot" and so on. Pericallis Hybrida is one of the main ornamental pot blossoms during New Year's Day and the Spring Festival. Pericallis Hybrida is cross-pollination, so it has many varieties of gardening.