Mimulus hybridus profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 05 2021

Mimulus hybridus profile

Mimulus Hybridus, a great variety of plant or shrub that lives for a year or more, is distributed in the continent outside Europe and Antarctica. In the west of North America, you can often see a wild Mimulus Hybridus.Mimulus. The Latin name for the plant, means clown, and refers to its red, orange, yellow, blue or purple flowers, which are dotted like faces. Its leaves grow in pairs, some serrated, some with smooth edges. Most of them have hairy or sticky stems, reaching 1 to 4 feet (30 to 120cm) in height. But the stalk of the dwarf Mimulus hybridus is only 4 feet (10cm) tall.

Mimulus Hybridus picture

Mimulus Hybridus

Morphological characteristics of Mimulus Hybridus

Mimulus Hybridus belongs to the "family" of radix Hybrida. It is perennial grass flowers, often for 1 ~ 2 years of cultivation. 30 ~ 40 cm tall, stem stout, hollow. Medium reciprocal is opposite, broadly ovoid.

Mimulus hybridus is opposite in leaf axils, funnel-shaped, yellow, usually with purplish red patches or spots, very beautiful.

Mimulus Hybridus is a perennial herb, 30-40 cm high. The stem is stout, hollow, rooting at nodes. Leaves are alternate, ovoid, nearly equal in length and width, slightly narrower on the upper part. Racemes sparsely racemose, flowers opposite in leaf axils, funnel-shaped, yellow, flowers with two lips, upper and lower trifid, flowers usually with purplish red patches or spots from May to October. The seeds are small. The corolla of cultivated varieties was yellow in different shades, with red, purple and brown spots of different sizes and shapes.

Mimulus hybridus is flowering in April ~ May.

Mimulus's hybrid ecological habit

Mimulus hybridus loves cold climate, because it is a hybrid of cold tolerance, but cannot suffer from freezing damage. In winter, it can endure low temperatures of 2℃. mimulus hybridus likes damp, likes bright light. It grows well on rich soil.

Mimulus Hybridus


Origin and habitat of Mimulus Hybridus

Mimulus Hybridus, originating in Chile, South America, is widely distributed around the world. China is mainly distributed in the southwest provinces. Mimulus Hybridus is a kind of plant with long sunshine, likes wet, warm and abundant sunshine environment, and is hybrid of being tolerant to shade, born in a fertile, loose and well-watered loam, not tolerant to cold, dryness, extreme heat and hot. The suitable temperature for growth is 10-20℃, 10-18℃ from March to October, and 5-10℃ from October to March of the following year. It can withstand low temperatures of 0℃ in winter. Mimulus Hybridus is a kind of hybrid with great adaptability to the environment. Except for a few areas such as South China where the summer is extremely hot, it can grow in other areas.

The main value of Mimulus Hybridus

Mimulus hybridus is a kind of flower with a large and peculiar flower shape, and its color is rich and colorful, featuring great wet and negative resistance. It is cultivated as a potted plant, hanging pot or hanging blue, which is suitable for the green ornaments in places like windows of bedrooms, balconies, shop Windows, and the entrance of exhibition hall, giving people a feeling of relaxation and nature, increasing the sense of interest and affinity.

Mimulus Hybridus