Michelia figo (Lour.)Spreng profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 12 2020

Michelia figo (Lour.)Spreng profile

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng is a flower-watching plant that we know and love. It is usually planted in the yard or potted in the living room. When the smile blooms, the fragrance of the flowers radiates in the wind, and the buds are as white as jade. It is one of the famous fragrant flowers in our country. Let's take a closer look at Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng picture

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng aroma

Like ripe bananas, the smiling flowers exude a sweet and alluring taste. Therefore, the miracle flower is also called the banana flower. It is an evergreen shrub, usually 2-3 meters high, and is classified as Magnoliaceae. Its buds, twigs, petioles and pedicles are densely covered with yellow-brown hair. It feels like a literary name like "Han Xiao". But in the "18 Women's Big Changes", we will be surprised when the smiling flowers bloom.

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng shape

You will see that smiling flowers are blooming in front. When he approached gently, a sweet fragrance came to his face, and he took a deep breath, as if he was going to get drunk in the air. The leaves of the smile flower are obovate and grow densely on the tree. Hidden in the branches and leaves are our smiling flowers. You will find that there are buddha-shaped br pieces on some flowers, just like a shy little girl opening the curtain and looking out. Some pieces fell, opening 6 ivory petals, like a girl smiling and not talking. In addition, the edges of each petal are painted with delicate purple lip gloss.

Leaning against the slightly open petals, I saw a group of bright green pistils in the middle. Filaments with beautiful rose red anthers cluster around the pistils, like a group of flower protectors. The flowering period of Michelia is from March to May, and the peak summer period is July and August. Its total fruit is ovoid or spherical, with a short pointed beak at the top.

Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng