Green columbine profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 18 2021

Green columbine profile

Green columbine, scientific name Aquilegia vulgaris, is a Aquilegia plant in Ranunculaceae. Green columbine is a perennial herb native to Europe and North America.

Green columbine picture

Green columbine

Green columbine characteristics

Green columbine plant height is 50-70 cm. The stem is erect with double and triple compound leaves in bluish green (similar to the leaves of many ferns). Corolla is funnel-shaped, pendulous, petals 5, usually dark blue-purple or white, cultivars pink, yellow and other colors; Green columbine has 5 sepals, the same color as petals. Follicles are dark brown.

Green columbine habits

Green columbine is strong, hardy and likes cool weather. Green columbine likes fertile, moist, rich in humus, well drained soil. It requires higher air humidity, and in summer should be maintained under semi-cloudy conditions.

Green columbine distribution range

Green columbine is originally from Europe, Siberia.

Green columbine

Green columbine propagation methods

Green columbine is propagated by sowing and planting.

Green columbine seeding is best done in a pot immediately after seed maturity. Sow sparsely and cover the pot with glass to keep the soil moist and shaded before emergence. The seedlings emerged after 1 month. The seedlings will blossom next year.

The best varieties of Green columbine are usually divided in March to April or August to September, but autumn is better.

Green Columbine seedlings can be transplanted at about 10cm, with row spacing of 30 ~ 40cm. Top dressing should be applied before flowering. Green columbine needs shade in summer. Cold areas should be slightly covered in winter. After 3 years, the plant is prone to decline, so it should be divided in time to promote its renewal.

The main value of Green columbine

Green columbines are fine garden flowers, strange leaves and beautiful flowers, suitable for flower beds, flower paths, flower branches for cut flowers.

Green columbine flower language

Green columbine flower language is oath of victory.

Green columbine