Gazania rigens Moench profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 24 2020

Gazania rigens Moench profile

Gazania Rigens Moench flowers are colorful and bright, opening in the morning and closing at night for more than 10 days. Gazania Rigens Moench blooms from late spring to early summer. It likes sunshine and grows in cooler places. It is resistant to drought and poor soil. Gazania Rigens Moench is semi-hardy, so it can survive the winter in milder areas.

Gazania Rigens Moench picture

Gazania Rigens Moench

Gazania Rigens Moench morphological characteristics

Gazania Rigens Moench is a perennial herb. Leaves  are clustered, lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, entire or pinnatifid, leaf back densely covered with white woolly hairs. Glossal is white, yellow, orange-red luster.

Gazania Rigens Moench is a perennial herb with a single head, solitary flower and long pedicel. It has a strange flower shape with colorful colors and a dark eye spot at the heart. It looks like a medal and has a strong wild taste.

Gazania Rigens Moench plant is 15 -- 40 cm tall, rhizome, and leaves are clustered, lanceolate or linear, dark green, clustered, 15 cm long, entire or pinnately divided, generally with white filamentous pilose on abaxially. Leaves are densely covered with white woolly hairs on the back, and some species have light hairs on both sides. Some varieties bloom all the year round, and the colors include red, orange, yellow, pink, and white. The diameter of the flower is 7-8cm, and the tongue is pale, yellow, orange-red, shiny. The flowering period is April-May.

Gazania rigens Moench's generic name is named after Theodorus, a Greek thessaloniki scholar, whose surname is the Latinized form of Gazania.

Gazania Rigens Moench's flowers are peculiar in shape and rich in colors. With dark eye spots in the center, they look like medals and have a strong wild taste. They are common potted flowers and flower-bed flowers in gardens. Rhizome, leaves clustered by rhizome, leaf blade lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, entire or lobed, leaf back densely covered with white hairs. Capitate, tongue flower is white, yellow, orange red wait for color, petal has burnish.

Gazania Rigens Moench

Gazania Rigens Moench growth habits and distribution


Gazania Rigens Moench likes warm and sunny environments. The flowers are resistant to strong, cool and moist environments. gazania rigens Moench is semi-cold tolerant. It can easily overwinter as long as the temperature is not too low. 

Gazania Rigens Moench is clumped, and has a long flowering period, likes a warm sunny climate, likes good drainage, loose and fertile soil, is cool, is not frost resistant, and avoids high temperature, high humidity and waterlogging. The flowers open against the sun and close as the sun sets. They repeat for about 10 days before fading. The ground plants performed better, for the plants were stronger, and they had more flowers.

Gazania Rigens Moench leaf blade slightly leathery spatulate, back dense with white hairs, with annular black or copper-colored markings at base of bright metallic glossal flowers, unsigned-like in shape. Flowers bloom from spring to autumn as long as there is plenty of sunshine. Flowers bloom when the sun rises and close at dusk.

Gazania Rigens Moench flowering: spring, summer, autumn, winter in indoor cultivation can still continue to bloom.


Gazania Rigens Moench is native to South Africa and Mozambique.

Adapted to: all over the country (native to South Africa), north temperate deciduous broadleaf forest (major cities: Shenyang, Dalian, Beijing)

Ecological classification: Herbaceous plants - wide - leaved lawn of warm type

Across the country: warm temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest in northern (major cities: shenyang, anshan, huludao, dalian, dandong, jinzhou, yingkou, liaoyang, panjin, Beijing, tianjin, taiyuan, linfen, changzhi, baoding, shijiazhuang, qinhuangdao, tangshan, handan, xingtai, chengde, jinan, Texas, yanan, baoji, tianshui)

Suitable areas: North China, Northeast China, East China, South China, Northwest China, Central China, southwest China.

Gazania Rigens Moench

Gazania Rigens Moench utility value


Gazania Rigens Moench colors are colorful, bright and beautiful. Petals are full of luster, open Day and close night, which is very interesting.

Flower arranging materials

Gazania Rigens Moench is a very good material for flower-bed diameter trimming and flower arrangement.

Main cultivated species of Gazania Rigens Moench:

Chansonette, Daybreak. Mini-Star, Talent, Sun, Fiesta Red

Gazania Rigens Moench variant:

Gazania rigens (L.) Gaertn. var. leucolaena (DC.) Roessler, Gazania rigens (L.) Gaertn. var. rigens