Fiddle-leaf fig profile

Written by Maggie

Oct 09 2021

Fiddle-leaf fig profile

Fiddle- Leaf fig is also known as the rubber leaf tree because the leaf apex inflated and fiddle-shaped, named for the mulberry ficus evergreen tree. The Fiddle- Leaf fig has high ornamental value and is an ideal leaf plant for viewing in the hall.

Fiddle- Leaf fig picture

Fiddle- Leaf fig
Fiddle Leaf Fig - one of the best indoor trees

Morphological characteristics of Fiddle- Leaf fig

The height of Fiddle- Leaf fig is up to 12 meters. The stem is erect, rarely branching, and the leaves are densely grown. The leaves are thick leathery, dark green, shiny, with sunken veins and short internodes.

Fiddle- Leaf fig leaves are simple, alternate, great variation and the form of the violin or obovate, 4 ~ 10 cm long, 1.5 4.5 cm wide, base rounded or broadly cuneate, apex acuminate, often in the middle how many shrinkage and shaped into a narrow waist, two sides glabrous, sometimes pubescent below and handle 4 ~ 8 mm long, inflorescence solitary or paired altar, short stalks, ovoid or pear-shaped, hot magenta, 10 mm in diameter. The top has umbilication bump, basal bracts 3, male, was born in an inflorescence with gall flowers inside, born in another inflorescence female flowers inside, perianth 4, style lateral.

Fiddle- Leaf fig

Fiddle-leaf fig is one of the best trees for pots

The growth habits of Fiddle- Leaf fig

The Fiddle- Leaf fig is produced in the southeast coastal region. It likes warm and humid environments and needs sufficient light and water. In the winter, about 5 degrees is safe, but be careful to increase the amount of light.

What it needs is moist soil with plenty of moisture. Fiddle- Leaf fig does not need too much nutrient fertilizer. It can be used regularly and reasonably.

The value of Fiddle- Leaf fig

The medicinal value of Fiddle- Leaf fig is that its roots and leaves can be used as drugs. Its main effect is to activate blood circulation, relax muscles and bones, and adjust menstruation. It can also be used for pain relief, such as back pain, falls and so on.

Fiddle- Leaf fig also has a great value, that is, it is ornamental, because it is tall and erect, leaves show the shape of violin, can be placed in the hall or conference room, etc., not only beautiful, but also suction air purification.

Fiddle- Leaf fig