Echeveria Meridian profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

Echeveria Meridian profile

Echeveria 'Meridian' is a succulent (polyphyte) plant of the genus Echeveria in the Apiaceae. It was bred by California breeder Dick Wright in 1964. It is characterized by large wavy folds of red leaf margin and a noble pinkish purple tone. The leaves of Echeveria 'Meridian' are emerald green to reddish brown, with different shades of color in both new and old leaves. The leaf color is deep red when there are strong light and the temperature difference between day and night or winter low temperature, If there is weak light then the leaf color light green, and the leaf margin often appears pink.

Echeveria 'Meridian' picture

Echeveria 'Meridian'

Morphological characteristics of Echeveria 'Meridian'

The leaves of Echeveria 'Meridian' are emerald green to reddish brown, the new leaves are lighter and the old leaves are darker, the leaves are dark red in strong light and high temperature difference between day and night or in winter at low temperature, and the leaves are light green under low light. The leaf margin is large wavy, often showing purplish red. The new leaves are covered with a thin frosting powder. Occasionally there are lateral buds. Cymes, 50 to 100 cm long, flowers usually pink.

Echeveria 'Meridian' growth environment

Echeveria 'Meridian' prefers warm, dry and sunny environment, not resistant to cold, shade and drought, afraid of moisture and strong light exposure, no obvious dormant period. The Echeveria 'Meridian's bamboo leaves need to receive enough sunlight to be gorgeous, the plant shape will be more compact and beautiful. Too little sunshine leaves light, leaves loosely arranged.

Echeveria 'Meridian'

Echeveria 'Meridian' distribution range

Echeveria 'Meridian' is found in California, USA.

Echeveria 'Meridian' application

The Echeveria 'Meridian' is bright and beautiful in colour, which makes a lively and fun display on the desk.

Echeveria 'Meridian'