Campanula medium profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 25 2020

Campanula medium profile

Campanula Medium is originally from southern Europe.The plant is sturdy, the flower bell-like wind bell, the design and color is bright and beautiful and elegant, very popular in Europe, is the common herbaceous flower in the small garden in late spring and early summer. It is often used to express healthy and gentle love.In China, Campanula Medium is still in the introduction stage, but it can be seen in flower shopping malls and artistic flower arrangement. The following is a detailed introduction to Campanula Medium.

Campanula Medium picture

Campanula Medium

Campanula medium Morphological characteristics

Campanula medium is a biennial herb. The plant is about 1 m tall, hairy. Rosette ovate to obovate, margin crenate, coarsely dentate. Petiole is winged. Cauline leaves are small sessile.Racemes, small flowers 1 or 2 stems. Corolla is campanulate, 5 lobed, base slightly enlarged, color white, blue, purple and light pink, etc. Flowering period is from April to June.

Campanula medium growth habit

Campanula medium requires a warm environment in winter and cool in summer, with sufficient light and good ventilation. It is not resistant to dry heat and cold. It prefers deep, fertile and well-drained neutral soil and can grow normally in slightly alkaline soil.

Campanula medium Distribution range

Campanula Medium belongs to more than 200 species, almost entirely in the north temperate zone. Most species occur in northern Eurasia, with a few in North America. There are nearly 20 species in China, mainly in the mountainous areas of southwest China, a few species in north China, and some species in Guangdong, Guangxi and western Hubei.

Campanula Medium

Campanula medium breeding method

Campanula medium is mainly sown and propagated. The seeds are small, the overlying soil should not be too thick, and the suitable temperature for germination is 20-24 ℃. It can also be divided into plants or cut for seedling cultivation. After flowers form a capsule, the fruit has many seeds.It has very small seeds, which can be dried storage, spring or late winter early spring, heat preservation in the plastic shed sowing. Elihu staggered the high heat of the summer. According to the requirements of small seeds, the whole ground should be meticulous, deeply break the soil more than 2 times, scrape the flat ground, drench sufficient water, and then the seed evenly sprinkled. After sowing, do not cover soil or cover thin sifted soil. At the seedling stage, spray water with a sprayer, and according to the growth of the seedlings, thin seedlings .Campanula medium seeds can also be insulated and planted in the sand table, and compound fertilizer can be applied immediately after seedling emergence.

When the seedling height of Campanula medium is about 10 cm, it shall be transplanted to the nursery or upper basin for transplanting. 20 cm x40 cm should be used for planting in the garden. After transplantation, the plant should be soaked with sufficient root water and then managed in a general way.. We can also sow in autumn, The seedling that sows in autumn in those days commonly needs to cultivate between spring and summer of the second year. The plants were divided more than in autumn, and after breeding for one winter, they would bloom the following year. Cuttings more than spring to pick the base of the germination of the new bud, inserted into the wet sand bed, often spray moisture, hair roots after transplantation.

Campanula medium main value

Landscape use: Campanula medium is suitable for configuring small gardens as flower beds and flower bed materials. It’s mainly used as potted flowers, but also used in the field flower border. Campanula medium is suitable for configuring small gardens as flower-beds and flower-border materials. If the Campanula medium and ornamental sunflower are used as the main materials, with ivy, sea gold sand and silk stone bamboo basket inserted, it shows the vibrant and thriving happy atmosphere.

Flower bed performance: As an annual flower, Campanula medium overwinters in warm areas in winter and can be used for border or edge planting in flower beds, rock bamboo gardens or gardens. Campanula medium potted in a pot of 15-20 cm can be placed in semi-shade to full sunshine for curing.

Campanula Medium