Boxleaf Eugenia profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 24 2021

Boxleaf Eugenia profile

Boxleaf Eugenia is a shrub or small tree of the myrtle family, Putonaria; Twigs are ribbed, dark brown after drying. Leaves are opposite, leaf blade leathery, broadly elliptic to elliptic, sometimes broadly obovate; The cyme is terminal, with several flowers; The fruit is globular. The flowering period is  June - August.

Boxleaf Eugenia likes warm and humid climate, widely distributed in Anhui, Zhejiang and other provinces of China. boxleaf eugenia can be used as a bonsai tree, and its roots can be used as medicine.

Boxleaf Eugenia

Morphological characteristics of Boxleaf Eugenia

Boxleaf Eugenia is a shrub or small tree; Twigs are ribbed, dark brown after drying. Leaves are opposite, leaf blade leathery, broadly elliptic to oblong, sometimes broadly obovate, 1.5 3 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, apex rounded or obtuse, sometimes with a blunt point, base broadly cuneate or obtuse, the dark brown after being dried, lacklustre. Here is a bit light color, with glandular dots, lateral veins and more dense, pulse interval of 1-1.5 mm, oblique line up, and above is not obvious in the following processes; boxleaf Eugenia petiole is 2mm in length.

Cymes are terminal, ca. 1cm long, with several flowers; Boxleaf Eugenia pedicel length is 1-2mm; The bud length is 3mm; Boxleaf Eugenia calyx tube obconical, ca. 2mm long, calyx teeth shallow undulate; Boxleaf Eugenia has 4 petals, separated, 2mm long. Stamens length: 2.5mm; The style is the same as stamen.

Fruit globose, 5-7mm in diameter. Flowering period: June to August. 

Boxleaf Eugenia growth environment

Boxleaf Eugenia grows in low mountain forests or thickets. It is more adaptive to light and more resistant to shade. Boxleaf Eugenia likes warm and humid climate, and cold resistance is poor, suitable for rich humus, loose and fertile and good drainage of acidic sandy soil. 

Boxleaf Eugenia distribution range

Boxleaf Eugenia is produced in Anhui, Zhejiang, Taiwan, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou provinces of China, and is also distributed in Vietnam and Japan. 

Boxleaf Eugenia

Propagation method of Boxleaf Eugenia

Seed propagation

At the end of autumn, the seeds of Boxleaf Eugenia will be collected and dried after ripening, and a large number of seedlings will be obtained after sowing in the seedbed in the next spring. The advantages of seedlings are youth, strong disease resistance, vigorous growth of new branches, and good growth of new roots. Through root lifting and panzha, a batch of pile materials with attached stones can be obtained.

Cutting propagation

Choose 1-year healthy branches from June to July, cut them into 10cm long, leave 2-4 pairs of leaves, and put them into the soil for 1/2. Pay attention to moisturizing and shading, and they can take root in about 1 month. 

Boxleaf Eugenia cultivation 

Seed collection and treatment

Select more than 15 years of good strong mother tree seed collection. Trees are shorter and ripe fruits can be picked directly by hand. The collected fruits can be piled in the shade, and after the flesh is fully soft and ripe, the skins and flesh should be washed in clear water, and the seeds should be taken out for drying. Seeds may be sown immediately, or stored dry or with wet sand, but the storage period usually does not exceed 6 months. The 1000-seed weight of seeds was 288-330g, and the germination rate of fresh seeds was 80%-100%.

Key points of seedling raising technology

Choose a sunny, loose and fertile soil, good drainage of the nursery. After seed collection in autumn, the seeds were stored with wet sand until sowing in April of the following spring. Drill or on demand, sowing quantity 250-300kg/hm, after sowing, cover soil 1.0-1.5cm, cover grass for heat preservation and moisture retention. The germination starts 15-20 days after sowing and the seedling height is 4-5cm. When the seedling height is 4-5cm, the seedlings should be thinned or transferred to the container for cultivation in time. Liquid fertilizer should be applied 3-4 times in the growing period. In the same year, seedlings with seedling height up to 30-40cm can be planted out in the spring of the following year. More about Boxleaf Eugenia propagation.

Boxleaf Eugenia

Boxleaf Eugenia main value

Ornamental value

Boxleaf Eugenia can be used for ornamental purposes in gardens, rockery, and lawn forests. It can also be trimmed into spherical shrubs, or planted with colored hedgerows. It is also often used as bonsai trees. 

Medicinal value

Boxleaf Eugenia root can be used as medicine to strengthen the spleen, relieve dyspnea, and disperse stasis. Boxleaf Eugenia can treat edema, children asthma, fall injury, scald.