Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 15 2020

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj profile

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj is an annual winding herb of the Convolvulaceae. Single leaves alternate, pinnately deep-lobed, lobes linear, slender as silk. The cymes are axillary, with several flowers, the flowers emerge from the leaf axils, the peduncle is about one inch long, and there are several small five-pointed star-shaped flowers, bright red, and the flowering period is July to October. Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj blooms early in the morning, and when the sun sets, the petals are rolled up into buds. The capsule is ovoid, the ripening period is inconsistent, the seed is black with brown fine hairs.

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj picture

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj growth habit

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj likes light and warm and humid environments. Quamoclit pennata grows in areas between 0 and 2500 meters above sea level. It is not cold tolerant and can self-sown (generally by artificial introduction and cultivation), and requires fertile soil. Quamoclit pennata has strong resilience and easy management. The capsule contains 4 seeds, which fall to the ground after maturity and regenerate in the following year.

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj breeding method

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj has inconsistent maturity periods, and it is easy to fall off after maturity. It should be picked as it ripens. Each fruit contains 3-4 seeds. If there are both red flower and white flower plants, they should be collected separately.

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj seeds are sown in April of the following year and will germinate after a week. After the final frost, the number of nursery days for planting in the open field is about 45 days, not too long, otherwise the vines from the seedlings will be entangled.

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj Sowing time:

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj is an annual twining herb with flowering period from July to October. It is native to tropical America and is cultivated all over the world.  Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj  likes sunshine, drought-tolerant, barren, and lax requirements on the soil. Sowing and breeding is in the natural environment in early April. Quamoclit pennata is suitable for climbing fences and railings, so it is not possible to plant seeds at all times.

The role of Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj:

1. Garden use: Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj has slender and beautiful leaves. It is an excellent plant for garden flower racks and hedgerows. Quamoclit pennata can be used as a greening material for hedges and trellis, and it can also be used as a ground cover without a support. As it climbs the ground, potted plants can also be placed indoors.

2. Medicinal value: The whole plant of Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj can be used as medicine, which has the effect of clearing away heat, detoxifying and reducing swelling. Quamoclit pennata has a certain effect on the treatment of fever, cold, carbuncle swelling and poison.

Quamoclit pennata (Desr.) Boj