8 best flowers growing on the balcony

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

8 best flowers growing on the balcony

They look fresh and stunted, and are easy to plant in pots. With the right amount of light and warm, wet conditions all year long, they will bloom consistently. The following are 8 best flowers growing on the balcony.

8 best flowers growing on the balcony.

Grow zephyranthes minuta on the balcony

The Zephyranthes minuta has different forms and is generally divided into the leek orchid and the leek orchid. The Zephyranthes minuta has leek-like leaves and the color of the flowers is white, while the Zephyranthes minuta has leek-like leaves and some pink flowers.

It is very simple to grow the Zephyranthes minuta on the balcony. You can buy some bulbs directly, prepare loose and well-drained soil, cultivate the environment with appropriate light, keep the environment warm and moist, and have a certain amount of air humidity, so that the Zephyranthes minuta will easily blossom.

Grow cape periwinkle on the balcony

Cape periwinkle is a particularly fast flowering plant, drought resistant, heat resistant, can even grow inside the rock seam, the water demand is not high, like the environment of the warm and sunny all the year round. It is suitable to grow on the balcony. It has different varieties, design and color is a common pink, white, grows very simple, like loose drainage good soil and plenty of light, can grow in the summer sun.

Grow Chinese ixora on the balcony

Chinese ixora is a very beautiful and fresh tropical flowering shrub. It is suitable for growing on the balcony. Regular pruning promotes continuous branching. The curing position should be kept warm and wet all year round, given appropriate light, maintain high air humidity, spray water regularly, and the minimum curing temperature should be kept above five degrees.

Grow sunflower on the balcony

There are also different varieties of sunflower, including pine leaf peony and large flower purslane. Their conservation methods are much the same and they can be directly sown and bred after warm spring. They are rich in varieties and various in color.

Sunflower maintenance is very simple, directly in the seedling pot to grow seedlings, you can use the method of soaking the pot to keep the soil moist, grow seedlings should slowly see the light, and then give as much light as possible, maintain a warm and moist environment all year round, they will be able to keep blooming all year round, and they are suitable to grow on the balcony.

8 best flowers growing on the balcony.

Grow crown of thorns on the balcony

If you're looking for a flowering plant that can tolerate heat and drought, the Crown of thorns is a good choice, but it's thorny, it needs to be carefully cared for, and its juice is toxic. If you have children or small pets, keep it out of their reach.

In order to promote the flowering of juniper, the conservation location should not only have sufficient light, but also keep the environment warm and dry, with good ventilation and loose, well-drained sandy soil.

Grow shoeblackplant on the balcony

Shoeblackplant is a kind of perennial flowering tropical plant, it has a lot of varieties, a variety of colors, easy to grow, the most common color is red, pink, yellow, purple and so on. It has serrated oval-shaped leaves and very large flowers, which can keep blooming continuously in full sunshine and in warm and wet conditions all year round. The shoeblackplant must be pruned regularly in pot cultivation, which can promote continuous branching and is conducive to the breeding of more flowers. Regular acid fertilizer is given.

Grow common zinnia on the balcony

Common zinnia are very easy to propagate flowering plants. After the warm spring, we can choose to sow propagation, easy to grow, give good transport and drainage of sandy soil, curing position with appropriate lighting. The minimum curing temperature is kept above 5 degrees and zinnia can grow well.

Grow plains coreopsis on the balcony

Plains coreopsis is my favorite herb, but also through sowing propagation, suitable for planting on the balcony. There should be loose drainage, good soil, and propagation method is sowing propagation.

Plains coreopsis is easy to grow and does not need too much attention to maintenance. It has good drought and heat resistance, and can maintain a longer flowering period by timely picking off the long flowers after the flowers fade.