10 house plants best for purifying air

Written by Maggie

Jan 27 2021

10 house plants best for purifying air

Nowadays more and more people are growing plants at home to purify air. But what kind of plants are good for purifying air? The following list 10 house plants best for purifying air.

Grow Swiss cheese plant for purifying air

Swiss cheese plant has a beautiful shape, large leaves and cracks like a turtle shell. It is a large plant native to the rainforests of Mexico. For home planting, choose small to medium sized turtleback bamboos.

Although Swiss cheese plants have come in recent years, the hot sale that just became flower market is article, actually it was already in European and American countries early "web celebrity" plants. It is the indoor green plant with the highest rate of appearance in fashionable household magazines. Swiss cheese plant is placed in the home, promoting the appearance level of the whole room immediately.

10 house plants best for purifying air

Grow umbrella plant tree for purifying air

The umbrella plant tree is evergreen shrub, leaves dark green glossy, is one of the most ornamental values of plants, often placed in the hotel lobby, office areas. Growing umbrella plant trees in the house can effectively absorb harmful substances such as nicotine in cigarette smoke, every hour can reduce the formaldehyde content of the unit space class about 9 mg, and purify air.

10 house plants best for purifying air

Grow rhododendron hybridum for purifying air

The Rhododendron hybridum, first cultivated in Belgium, is one of the most beautiful rhododendrons. It has good air purification and dust removal ability, especially for formaldehyde and ammonia has a good absorption capacity, very suitable for just decorated new houses.

Rhododendron hybridum grown indoors, generally bloom in autumn and winter and can last up to a month as long as they are properly maintained. Therefore, it can flower normally in winter when the indoor temperature is kept around 20 degrees Celsius.

Rhododendron hybridum can not be placed in direct sunlight, the most afraid of summer high temperature weather, so it is best to move into the indoor closed maintenance in summer, watering on the leaves also spray water, maintain a certain humidity to prevent leaves.

10 house plants best for purifying air

Grow persian cyclamen for purifying air

The best thing about Persian cyclamen is that its leaves can absorb sulfur dioxide and convert it into low-toxic or non-toxic sulfates and other substances, more powerful than air purifiers.

Persian cyclamen have large heart-shaped leaves with white or gray markings and beautiful flowers that grow in clusters and are a tender pink color. However, its roots have certain toxicity, so avoid skin contact when domesticated.

10 house plants best for purifying air

Grow dumb canes for purifying air

Dumb canes, with bright color and pale yellow stripes, is very beautiful and elegant. Dumb canes is also a very common house indoor plant, not only good-looking, purify function also the effect is remarkable.

It can effectively absorb formaldehyde and nicotine in the air and other substances, the higher the concentration of pollutants in the air, the stronger its purification ability.

The evergreen is particularly afraid of strong light, on the contrary, very like the semi-dark environment, can put it in the bathroom, living room corner, etc., as decoration.

10 house plants best for purifying air

Grow parlour palm for purifying air

The parlour palm looks somewhat like bamboo in appearance. So the parlour palm is native to Mexico and Guatemala and is a very tropical plant.

Pockets of coconut, benzene in the air, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde absorption effect is the best, and high transpiration efficiency, can increase the concentration of negative ions in the air, purify the air to increase humidity, known as the biological "high efficiency air purifier".

the parlour palm looks small and charming, elegant posture, rich leaf color, put in the home can add a bit of romantic interest.

10 house plants best for purifying air

Grow peace lily for purifying air

Peace lily, grown in Colombia, is one of the most popular indoor ornamental plants in Europe. Its form is tall and straight elegant, the flower is concise and beautiful, and the growth force is exuberant, suit to use adornment sitting room and kitchen very much.

Peace lily can also be used for hydroponic cultivation, hydroponic cultivation of white crane taro can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity through evapotranspiration, can absorb acetone, trichloroethylene, benzene, toluene, chlorine monoxide, ozone and other harmful gases.

Peace lily is very suitable for the kitchen. It produces the taste of cooking, lampblack, and toxic substances released by gas gas, has a good absorption.

10 house plants best for purifying air

Grow rubber fig for purifying air

Rubber fig leaves thick, red new leaves, old leaves were brown green, color is very beautiful.Is a kind of indoor large plants, generally used in public places green ornament.

In recent years, it is very popular to plant rubber trees at home, because it can reduce the harm of carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and other harmful gases in the air, but also play a role in dust removal and fog removal, is one of the popular plants to purify the air.

Rubber figs like shade and moisture and need to be watered frequently. In addition, when planting rubber trees, there is a tip to prevent yellow leaves, dilute with beer and water to 2% of the proportion, and then spray on the leaves, which can delay the aging of the leaves.

10 house plants best for purifying air

Grow lucky bamboo for purifying air

The lucky bamboo is exquisite and good-looking, which means wealth and good luck. It is one of the favorite indoor plants in traditional Chinese families. And it is very easy to raise, hydroponic cultivation, suitable for beginners and lazy gardeners.

At ordinary times we buy The lucky bamboo mainly because it is beautiful and generous, especially suitable for decorating the living room. In fact, it also has a strong purification function, can improve air circulation, detoxification and sterilization, absorption of waste gas and dust particles.

The lucky bamboo can grow all year round, and the best growth temperature is about 20℃. The growth slows down in autumn and winter, but once it gets warm in spring, it can give birth to new leaves.

10 house plants best for purifying air

Grow Sweet scented geranium for purifying air

Sweet scented geranium is an aromatic herb that is popular for its volatile aroma and is often used to make essential oils.It is very large, can grow to more than 1 meter high, vigorous growth, easy to raise.

Its stem, leaf, flower is sending out plant faint fragrance, main component is geraniol, aromatic alcohol, can improve indoor air not only, summer still can disperse mosquitoes.

Because the smell is rich, it had better not be in an airtight indoor plant geranium of fragrant leaf, and can put it in the ventilated place such as the balcony, lest gas causes allergic reaction.

These ten plants are both beautiful and practical. They also purify the indoor air.

10 house plants best for purifying air