Why Does My Dumb Cane Have Yellow Leaves

Written by Ivy

Nov 30 2021

Why Does My Dumb Cane Have Yellow Leaves
Dumb Cane is native to Brazil in South America and has been widely cultivated all over the world since then. This kind of plant has broad green leaves with colorful patterns. Dumb Cane looks very beautiful. However, Improper ways in the process of caring for Dumb Cane plant can easily lead to the yellowing of leaves in Dumb Cane. At this time, how should we solve it?

Reasons for Dumb Cane Yellow Leaves

Why Does My Dumb Cane Have Yellow Leaves

1. Normal aging

Dumb Cane metabolizes naturally. The old leaves of Dumb Cane will turn yellow, dry and fall off. With the growth of Dumb Cane plants, the leaves at the bottom begin to age and turn yellow.

2. Too much watering

As a meat root system, Dumb Cane is most afraid of waterlogging. Therefore, we can't water more, otherwise it is easy to cause rotten roots, resulting in yellow leaves of Dumb Cane.

3. Too little watering

If we forget to water the Dumb Cane, the basin soil will be too dry, the roots and branches will lack water, and the leaves will turn yellow.

4. Too much sunlight

Dumb Cane prefers semi cloudy environment and avoid direct sunlight in summer. Direct sunlight is easy to cause scorched edges or even withered and yellow leaves of Dumb Cane, and it is easy to burn if the light is too strong.

5. Lack of light

Due to the lack of light in the normal period, the chlorophyll in the leaves decreases, making the green of the leaves gradually disappear, showing albinism, and the leaves turn yellow and white.
Why Does My Dumb Cane Have Yellow Leaves

6. Environment not ventilated

If we keep dumbe in a poorly ventilated environment for a long time, especially in hot summer, poor ventilation and improper shade, it is common for the leaves to turn yellow. In addition, the leaves of dumbe are flourishing and have not been built for a long time, and its internal branches and leaves can not receive light, which is easy to cause the leaves to turn yellow.

7. Temperature too low

The suitable growth temperature of Dumb Cane is 15-18 ℃, and the minimum temperature shall not be lower than 5 ℃, otherwise it is prone to freezing injury and yellow leaves.

8. Too much fertilization

Excessive fertilization is another common reason for the yellowing of the leaves of dumb cane, mainly causing fertilizer damage and damaging the roots of dumb cane.

9. Too dirty blade

At ordinary times, pay attention to keep the leaves clean and tidy during Dumb Cane Plant Care. If too much dust accumulated on the leaves Affects Photosynthesis, it will also cause the leaves of Dumb Cane to turn yellow.
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10. Diseases and insect pests

Brown soft scale insect pests can also cause the Dumb Cane yellow leaves. When brown soft scale endangers the leaves of Dumb Cane, it usually clusters on the leaf surface or young leaves, sucks plant juice and excretes mucus at the same time. Its excretion is easy to cause a large number of coal pollution bacteria to reproduce, blacken the stems and leaves, affect the light cooperation of the plant, resulting in weak growth potential and yellow leaves, which hinders viewing.

12. Alkaline water and soil

Avoid hard clay and alkaline soil when planting in soil or pot. Generally, Dumb Cane planted in the north is prone to yellowing of leaves caused by alkaline soil and water.

Dumb Cane yellow leaves solution

Why Does My Dumb Cane Have Yellow Leaves

Adjust watering frequency

As we all know, Dumb Cane likes a humid growth environment. During the maintenance process, in addition to keeping the basin soil moist, many people often spray water vapor on the leaves and plants to keep the environment moist. However, if the watering is too much or the humidity is too high, it is easy to cause stagnant water and rotten roots in dumb cane. Once rotten roots occur, it will cause the leaves of dumb cane to turn yellow. Dumb Cane has fleshy roots and is afraid of ponding. In the maintenance process, we need to pay attention not to water too much. When watering, we should pay attention to dry and wet. In case of leaf yellowing caused by too much watering, we should move it to the ventilation place in time to discharge the water. After that, try to keep the soil dry, and then maintain it normally after it slowly recovers.

Adjust temperature

Dumb Cane likes a warm growing environment, and its cold resistance is very poor. Therefore, in winter, if the temperature is low, it is easy to have the phenomenon of leaf frostbite. The most common manifestation is that the leaves turn yellow and wilt. The most suitable growth temperature of Dumb Cane is 25-30 ℃. During overwintering, it should be noted that the minimum temperature should not be lower than 10 ℃, otherwise it will be prone to freezing injury. In winter, it needs to be moved indoors for maintenance in time and placed at the South windowsill. As long as the temperature is not too low, it will slowly recover and sprout new green leaves.

Adjust lighting

Dumb Cane is a shade loving plant. During the maintenance process, it is forbidden to direct strong light for a long time. When the light is too strong, it is easy to cause the leaves of Dumb Cane to dry and yellow, especially in summer, strong sunlight is easy to burn the leaves. In the process of daily maintenance, we only need to place the Dumb Cane in a place with bright scattered light for maintenance. Especially in summer, it is necessary to shade and cool down in time, otherwise it is easy to cause the leaves of Dumb Cane to turn yellow. In other seasons, you also need to try to avoid exposing it to the sun.