Why Are My Alocasia Polly Drooping?

Written by Ivy

Dec 22 2021

Why Are My Alocasia Polly Drooping?
For taking care of Alocasia Polly, we should choose the soil with strong ventilation and drainage, and there should be drainage holes at the bottom of the flowerpot to prevent Alocasia Polly drooping caused by rotten roots. The soil should be kept slightly wet and dry, watered in time, and watered at noon during summer.
The temperature shall be controlled at 20-25 ℃, not higher than 35 ℃, and it shall be moved to a cool environment in summer. At ordinary times, we should keep Alocasia Polly in bright light, and don't put it directly in the sun in summer, which will easily lead to Alocasia Polly drooping. We also need to ensure good ventilation and replace the basin soil every spring.


Overwatering leads to Alocasia Polly drooping, which is the most common. If Alocasia Polly is planted in a large basin, the basin will be relatively high. It will take a long time when the soil becomes dry. Many people are too diligent in watering. They water thoroughly every few days. If the soil permeability is good, the key is that most florists buy plants, and the soil is not reasonable, so it is easy to lead to Alocasia Polly drooping.
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  • How To Fix
We need to adjust the watering amount, temporarily avoid the light, and remember to water frequently after the dropping Alocasia Polly recovers. Pay attention to dry and wet. We must not wait until the soil is dry and cracked. If the root of Alocasia Polly is rotten, dig it out, cut off the rotten root, disinfect it, and then replant it.


Alocasia Polly will droop its leaves because of too little watering. Alocasia Polly generally grows very chic. It needs water every day to maintain the growth of the plant. If the watering amount is less when the weather is hot, the leaf water will evaporate, the leaves will dehydrate, and then fall. Stopping water supply will lead to no nutrition and drooping of the leaves.
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We keep Alocasia Polly potted plants and keep them watered properly. Don't let the soil dry for a long time. Even after the indoor development is possible, we can not let the soil often dry up, especially to maintain high air humidity, and spray water around it often. During the spring and summer growing season, two or three centimeters of soil dried up. We must pour water in a timely manner. And after spraying the water around, and when the weather starts to cool in autumn and winter, we can wait for the soil to dry and then water Alocasia Polly.
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Why Are My Alocasia Polly Drooping

Low Humidity

If the air is too dry, the leaves of Alocasia Polly will wither and turn yellow and droop their leaves. When raising Alocasia Polly, we should avoid placing it next to the heating or air conditioning. Usually, there is dust on the leaves, and we should also pay attention to regular cleaning, otherwise it will also lead to the yellow leaves of Alocasia Polly.
  • How To Fix
Alocasia Polly is particularly afraid of air drying. The indoor relative humidity is maintained between 50% and 70%, which is the best for its growth. If the air is dry, Alocasia Polly's leaves will fall one after another. We can put a humidifier next to it, or put some pebbles on the Alocasia Polly tray and put them on the pebbles. We can spray some fog water on it every few days, which can not only clean the leaves, but also increase the air humidity.

Low Light

After many flower friends buy Alocasia Polly potted plants home, they directly move Alocasia Polly potted plants to a well lit balcony or terrace for maintenance. In fact, this is not correct. Because some of the Alocasia Polly potted plants just bought from the flower market are newly planted, even those that have been planted for a long time. Due to the change of the caring environment, some Alocasia Polly are even planted in the greenhouse. They are sensitive to direct sunlight. Naturally, the leaves of Alocasia Polly are dehydrated, yellowing and drooping.
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For the potted plants just bought, during the maintenance process, try to put the drooping Alocasia Polly in a bright place or a place with weak scattered light. Do not accept direct sunlight exposure. You can accept direct sunlight after two weeks.


Alocasia Polly's insect pests and diseases will also cause Alocasia Polly to droop its leaves. For example, brown spot, blight and anthrax will cause Alocasia Polly's nutrient loss, causing Alocasia Polly's leaves to wither and fall.
  • How To Fix
To prevent the leaves of potted Alocasia Polly caused by pests and diseases, we should pay attention to the prevention of pests and diseases. But before that, first move Alocasia Polly to a well lit and ventilated environment, and then spray chemicals according to what insect diseases. It is best to spray 50% carbendazim after 1000 times dilution with water, 2 ~ 3 times.