What Is The Best Soil For Alocasia Polly?

Written by Ivy

Dec 22 2021

What Is The Best Soil For Alocasia Polly?
Alocasia Polly likes slightly acidic and more fertile soil. During cultivation, you can prepare the nutrient soil required by Alocasia Polly, mainly rotten leaf soil or sandy soil, mixed with a small amount of river sand to improve the drainage capacity. It can be used after disinfection. If you feel troublesome, you can also buy nutritious soil. The flower nutritious soil on the market can be used directly to meet the requirements for soil. Alocasia Polly usually changes pots once a year, usually in spring, and the soil has more nutrients. During Alocasia Polly breeding, we also loosen the soil once a month, and the soil is best kept in a transparent state.
  • Fertile Soil:
The fertile soil contains a lot of nutrients, which can provide Alocasia Polly with the nutrients needed for growth and development. Although Alocasia Polly can also grow in less fertile soil, it is better to provide it with fertile soil for domestic breeding, so that Alocasia Polly can grow better.
What Is The Best Soil For Alocasia Polly
  • Loose Soil:
In loose soil, air has strong fluidity and sufficient oxygen. In this kind of soil, the root respiration of Alocasia Polly will be smoother, which can more efficiently absorb the nutrients in the soil and make the plant grow better.
  • Soil with Good Drainage:
Although Alocasia Polly is a relatively wet plant, it is also very afraid of waterlogging. If the soil with poor drainage capacity is used, ponding may occur after watering, affecting the roots of Alocasia Polly.
For the soil culture of Alocasia Polly, we should first select the plot with high and dry terrain, convenient drainage and irrigation, fertile soil and sufficient sunshine, which can be carried out from April to June. When Alocasia Polly seedlings grow to 3-4 true leaves, they can be colonized. Before planting, the size of seedlings shall be graded, and the same level shall be planted together. The plant spacing shall be 55-60cm, the row spacing shall be 65-70cm, and about 1500 plants shall be planted per mu. It is generally carried out from 3 to 5 p.m. After planting, the root fixing water shall be poured thoroughly, and diluted fecal water shall be poured once after 2 ~ 3 days. After Alocasia Polly colonizes slow seedlings, we can water manure once a week to increase the amount of nitrogen fertilizer. When it is hot in summer, Alocasia Polly should be watered frequently, and the leaf surface should be watered, usually in the morning or afternoon.
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