How Much Light Does Alocasia Polly Need?

Written by Ivy

Dec 22 2021

How Much Light Does Alocasia Polly Need?
Alocasia Polly likes medium to bright and indirect sunlight. Alocasia Polly is very afraid of strong light irradiation, so in summer and autumn, when the light is relatively strong, it is necessary to provide taro, otherwise the leaves will be sunburned. However, if placed in the environment with insufficient light for a long time, the growth of taro will be greatly affected, and the leaves will become small and thin, which is not conducive to viewing, So when the light is softer, we can let the sea taro accept more sunshine.
How many hours of light does Alocasia Polly need every day?
Alocasia Polly is a cool plant, so the illumination time should not be too long in the planting process, and Alocasia Polly should not be placed in the direct sunlight environment. It is best that the illumination time is about 4 hours a day, and the growth temperature is maintained at about 20 ℃. If the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, the sea taro will enter the dormant state and stop growing.
How Much Light Does Alocasia Polly Need
Does Alocasia Polly need shade in summer?
Alocasia Polly needs shade from June to October to cover 50-70% of the sun. Moist, semi shade and sufficient fertilizer, the leaves can grow their original characteristics, large and stretch, and the plants are spectacular and tall. Although taro likes to grow in semi shade environment, it has been placed in living room and bedroom for a long time. Due to insufficient light, it has a great impact on plant life activities. The formation of many plant organs is directly related to light intensity. Insufficient or no light, plant internodes are particularly long, leaves are underdeveloped and small, and lack chlorophyll.