Does Alocasia Polly Bloom Flower?

Written by Ivy

Dec 22 2021

Does Alocasia Polly Bloom Flower?
Alocasia Polly is flowering. As a plant of Araceae, Alocasia Polly has a unique Buddha flame bud, which is wrapped with meat panicles. The Buddha flame bud is green and boat shaped. It will turn yellow green or green white when flowering and yellow or white after withering. Alocasia Polly flowers are bisexual, with white female inflorescence and green white or light yellow male inflorescence. With sufficient light, Alocasia Polly can bloom all year round.

Does Alocasia Polly Bloom Flower?

Does Alocasia Polly Bloom Flower
Alocasia Polly can blossom all year round under proper maintenance. When flowering, the flower color is white and the stamen is yellow, which is similar to the flower shape of white crane taro. In the process of maintaining Alocasia Polly, it can provide balanced inorganic fertilizer, improve the growth rate of Alocasia Polly and make Alocasia Polly grow more prosperous.
Alocasia Polly will bloom, but Alocasia Polly has high requirements for the environment when flowering, and Alocasia Polly is rarely seen to bloom. When Alocasia Polly blooms, the flower color is white and the stamen color is yellow. The flower type of Alocasia Polly is similar to that of white crane taro, but it is slightly larger. Moreover, Alocasia Polly is a poisonous plant, and its whole plant is toxic. During maintenance, we need to put it in an area inaccessible to children.

How to Promote the Flowering of Alocasia Polly?

Alocasia flower needs a lot of nutrients during its growth. In the process of maintenance, it can provide it with rotten farm fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer or green fertilizer to improve the growth speed of the plant. When providing fertilizer for Alocasia flower, we need to pay attention to the amount of fertilizer. We'd better dilute the fertilizer and provide it to the plant to avoid fertilizer damage.
Alocasia flower is suitable for growing in an environment with sufficient water. During daily maintenance, it can be watered every three days to keep the soil moist. When providing water for Alocasia Polly, it can use uncontaminated river water, natural water, nutrient rich lake water and purified water.
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Does Alocasia Polly Bloom Flower

Disease Control of Alocasia Flower

Alocasia flower is prone to diseases in the process of growth, and measures need to be taken to prevent and control diseases during maintenance. We need to maintain Alocasia flower in a well ventilated environment to improve the ventilation between plants and avoid bacterial breeding. We can also spray carbendazim solution regularly for Alocasia Polly to eliminate bacteria on plants.