When To Water Your ZZ Plant

Written by Ivy

Dec 01 2021

When To Water Your ZZ Plant
As an evergreen herb for many years, ZZ plant has a high demand for water, and when the plant enters the growth period, it needs to supplement a large amount of water. However, many people do not know how often ZZ plant is watered in the process of breeding, so it often wateres too much, resulting in plant root rot, Next, let's learn about the precautions for watering ZZ plant.

How often to water ZZ plant

Generally speaking, the watering time of ZZ plant is not fixed, because it only needs to keep the soil moist. Whenever the soil in the flowerpot is too dry, we should water it properly and thoroughly at one time. However, if it is hard to say how often ZZ plant waters, it is better to water it once a week.
This can not only avoid the phenomenon of rotten roots of plants, but also meet the water demand of plants. Therefore, watering is a key step to keep ZZ plant well. If there is too much watering, it should be handled in time, otherwise it will cause rotten roots of plants and lead to the death of the whole plant. (Read more about ZZ Plant.)
When To Water Your ZZ Plant

Precautions for ZZ plant watering

Prevent plant root rot

The most important thing to cultivate ZZ plant is to prevent ZZ plant rotten roots. Generally, the rotten roots of ZZ plant are caused by watering. It is necessary to pour the plants out of the basin in time, shake off part of the old soil, put them in a cool place in the shade for 1-2 days, and then plant them with new sandy loam soil.

Water shall not splash on the sub blade

When raising ZZ plant, many people have the habit of spraying water, because in order to make the leaves of ZZ plant look more green, they will spray water on the leaves of ZZ plant. Doing so will affect plant growth and even cause the leaves of ZZ plant to wilt.

ZZ plant watering method all year round

Spring and summer are the peak growth seasons of ZZ plant, so people must water frequently in the process of breeding. Generally speaking, it is best to water every five days, but after summer, the water evaporation rate will be faster. If we are afraid that plants will die of water shortage, it is best to water every three days.
When autumn comes, or after the Mid Autumn Festival, the amount of water should be reduced step by step, and the form of spray fog should replace the form of direct watering. This method helps the newly grown leaves to survive the coldest season intact. The indoor air environment is too dry. At this point, though it is not necessary to water, we need to spray around the ZZ Plant to improve the moisture content in the environment. In addition, pay attention to keep the soil of flower pot dry in winter. Too wet will cause rot of plant roots.


Through the detailed introduction above, I believe you already know how often tp water ZZ plant. Generally speaking, it is best to water ZZ plant every week, so as to make the plants grow faster and there will be no rotten roots. However, in the process of maintenance, we should also follow the precautions for ZZ plant watering.
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