How Much Light Does String of Pearls Require

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Dec 14 2021

How Much Light Does String of Pearls Require
String of pearls likes light, but it is very afraid of exposure. If the light is too strong, the beads of String of pearls will become shriveled. String of pearls is more suitable for indoor balcony maintenance with sufficient scattered light. Hanging it can also be used as a string of bead curtains. If the light is too bad, the beads will grow in vain. Beads are thin and become very sparse and not compact, so lighting is very important for string of pearls.

Does string of pearls need light?

What is Your String of Pearls Light Requirements - String of Pearls Care
string of pearls needs more light. If the light is sufficient, string of pearls will grow faster, the branches will be stronger, and the distance between each leaf will be very small. If the light is insufficient, the branches of string of pearls will be too long, the distance between each leaf will increase, and the beauty will be greatly reduced, In a word, sufficient light is good for string of pearls.
The growth of string of pearls also needs sunshine, but it is afraid of direct exposure to strong light. When the light intensity is too high in summer, pay attention to shading, otherwise it is easy to wither and soften the stems and leaves. During maintenance, pay attention not to put it directly under the strong light.

Can string of pearls not accept sunshine for a long time?

We can't put potted plants in too shady environment for a long time. When there is a long-term lack of light, the plants can't complete photosynthesis well, which will also affect normal growth and development. If it is exposed to the sun at noon, it is easy to burn it. Therefore, when propagating and caring for string of pearls, it is best to keep it in the environment of scattered light and do not stick to the windowsill, because the heat on the glass will also burn string of pearls.
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What kind of light does a String of Pearls need?

Exposure to Sunlight

In summer, we can't put string of pearls out in the sun, otherwise the leaves will be sunburned, causing the leaves to turn yellow and wither. The temperature is high in summer, and high temperature will inhibit the growth of Chlorophytum. In summer, we need to put string of pearls in a well ventilated place indoors and replenish water during maintenance.

The Direction of the Sun

Although string of pearls is shade resistant and can live indoors, if we want to make string of pearls grow strong, we must consider the direction of the sun. If we maintain it indoors for a long time, the color of string of pearls will be yellow, there will be overgrowth, and the leaves are fragile and easy to break. On the contrary, if the string of pearls is maintained in a place with bright light, the color is greener and the leaves are stronger.

The Intensity of Light

In fact, string of pearls can be raised in scattered light or in places with good light. Because string of pearls itself has certain shade tolerance, and it is a plant native to the tropics, which has certain sun and drought tolerance. If we have kept string of pearls in the place where the light is scattered, we'd better keep string of pearls in the place where the light is scattered all the time. Don't suddenly place it in a place with strong light, because after changing the environment, we can't adapt at once, and string of pearls is likely to be sunburned. After all, it is potted and has limited adaptability.

How long does it take for string of pearls to bloom?

If you want to promote the flowering of string of pearls, you'd better keep it on the windowsill facing south or west. Give it about 3 hours of direct light or more sufficient scattered light every day. If the light is insufficient, you should supplement the light. The light irradiation takes about 14 hours.
What is Your String of Pearls Light Requirements - String of Pearls Care

What kind of light does string of pearls need in summer?

String of pearls doesn't like being propagated in places where the light is too strong. When the light is too strong in summer, remember not to expose it to the sun. It can be placed in places with astigmatism, shade and ventilation for curing.

What kind of light does string of pearls need in winter?

When we propagate string of pearls in winter, due to the low temperature of indoor propagation, it can be directly placed outdoors for propagation to receive appropriate sunlight. String of pearls likes mild and weak light, not strong light. Therefore, it is more appropriate to put it in the semi Yin. For example, balcony, windowsill and other places can be. If there is very strong light in winter, we must give string of pearls shade.

Where Should You Place a String of Pearls?

The maintenance place of string of pearls mainly depends on our long-term maintenance habits and the maintenance environment. Try to keep it in a relatively fixed position. We should not change the lighting environment frequently to avoid the growth problems of string of pearls due to changing the lighting environment. In addition, the newly bought string of pearls should be kept in the place where the light is scattered, and then gradually increase the light. Don't expose them to the sun at once, otherwise they may get sunburn.

Signs that your string of pearls not getting enough light

  • Leggy Growth
  • Leaning Towards Light Sources
  • String of Pearls Turn White
  • No New Growth
  • String of Pearls Drying Up
  • Soil Not Drying Out for Weeks

What to do if the string of pearls is not getting enough light?

Use artificial light

Using artificial light has an effect on plants. It can simulate sunlight to make up for the light, so as to make string of pearls photosynthesis, make up for the insufficient light of string of pearls, and avoid the phenomenon of wilting or disease of plant leaves due to too little light.

Reduce watering

String of pearls is a semi shade flower, but it also needs light, so at least 4-5 hours of light should be guaranteed every day. Otherwise, the chlorophyll decreases and the leaves turn yellow. If string of pearls does not receive enough light, we can stop watering to prevent it from consuming too much nutrients. 

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The yellowing of string of pearls leaves may be due to insufficient light, which makes Chlorophytum unable to fully carry out photosynthesis and produce chlorophyll, resulting in the yellowing of string of pearls leaves. At this time, we need to stop fertilization. We can move the string of pearls potted plant to a place with sufficient light to receive light, but it should be noted that it cannot be placed in direct light under strong light to avoid sunburn and make the leaves yellow and dry.

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