How Do You Propagate String of Pearls From Cuttings

Written by Ivy

Dec 14 2021

How Do You Propagate String of Pearls From Cuttings
The leaves of string of pearls are special, round and rolling like pearls. String of pearls the branches falling freely along the wall of the flowerpot, like an emerald bead curtain. We can propagate string of pearls by cutting, with high survival rate and simple operation. Only a small section of branches can easily explode into a large basin of new string of pearls.

Necessary Materials Before You Begin String of Pearls Propagation

  • Clippers or scissors
  • Quickly draining soil
  • Smaller pot size
  • Water

How to Propagate String of Pearls From Cuttings

Prepare the Cuttings

Only when the string of pearls cuttings are strong can the buds survive more easily. We should pay attention to the observation that the branches have raised root nodes, so the branches cut from this place are easy to take root and survive. When cutting the branches of string of pearls, the tools used must be disinfected, otherwise the cut cuttings may be unclean and affect the subsequent growth. We can cut cuttings into 7 ~ 8 cm, which preferably contains two or three buds. Moreover, it is better to intercept the branches after the soil is configured, so that the moisture of the paper is more conducive to maintain and easier to take root and survive.
(Read more about string of pearls caring.)

Plant the Cuttings

Before plant the string of pearls cuttings, we need to put the intercepted branches in a cool place for drying. Because the cut part will form a wound, which is conducive to its survival. After drying, we can spread the intercepted branches in the loose and breathable soil, sprinkle the configured soil between the branch particles, or place the soil in the flower pot and insert the branches into the soil less than half of the depth, but we should not plant the string of pearls cuttings too shallow, otherwise the branches will be difficult to absorb the nutrients in the soil, And planting too deep will easily rot. After cutting, put the potted plants in a ventilated and cool place for maintenance. Don't water them immediately. Water them after rooting for a few days, and don't water too much. Just wet the soil, otherwise it will lead to rotten roots, mildew and endanger plant growth. We can keep the temperature of string of pearls at 22 ~ 28 ℃. Special attention should be paid to the outdoor temperature in summer and winter to prevent exposure in summer and severe cold in winter.

Growing Your Cuttings

The later maintenance of growing your string of pearls cuttings cannot be ignored! We should pay attention to the light time and intensity of string of pearls. Its root system belongs to the dry type, does not like light, likes cool places, and cannot be exposed to the sun. Especially in summer, string of pearls is almost in a dormant state, so you must not take it to the sun. If necessary, shade the plant. In winter, we should also pay attention to the light. We should not let the color of the leaves of string of pearls fade due to insufficient light. And proper fertilization can also help plants grow faster. Read More: How Fast Do String of Pearls Grow 

Propagating String of Pearls in Soil

How Do You Propagate String of Pearls
Propagating string of pearls in soil can make plants grow faster. Loose and breathable nutrient soil shall be selected for soil culture, and attention shall be paid to when planting Chlorophytum. First make a small pit in the middle with tools, then plant Chlorophytum, and finally press it gently with two fingers.
After planting, it should be watered and then placed in the place with scattered light. Especially in this season, if the sun is too strong, it will wilt! In the later stage, while ensuring the soil moisture, water spraying can also be adopted, which can also reduce the occurrence of dry tip.
When we are propagating string of pearls in soil, remember not to pull it out often to see if it takes root, because its root system is very fragile at this time. Even if it has grown, it will be lost by you. The growth of the root system can be judged by the leaves. The oil green spirit is naturally no problem. On the contrary, it is necessary to consider replanting, because there is a direct impact between them!

Propagating String of Pearls in Water

How Do You Propagate String of Pearls
Propagating string of pearls in water is relatively clean and beautiful. In order to ensure the survival rate, we'd better take root with air on it. During hydroponics, pay attention not to use tap water directly. It is best to connect the water two days in advance and then dry it in the sun, so that the chlorine inside can be volatilized, so as to reduce the stimulation to the root system.
Then we should pay attention not to soak all the roots of Chlorophytum in the water, so that its bottom can just cross the water surface. In particular, we should pay attention not to soak the leaves in the water, otherwise they will rot and affect the water quality, and the cold will slow down the rooting speed or rotten roots.
We also need to change the water regularly. After taking root in the later stage, the water level will also be reduced. In addition, because the water is limited, we need to add some nutrient solution to meet its growth needs.

Other String of Pearls Propagation Considerations

Watering Your String of Pearls

String of pearls can take root and survive after cutting for half a month. After the survival of string of pearls, we should control the watering amount and keep the basin soil dry and wet, which is conducive to plant growth. After the cut branches are buried shallow, we remember to cover them with a layer of soil or stones. If there is no direct sunlight, we should water the soil immediately after it is dry. Read More: Tips for String of Pearls Watering

Best Light for a String of Pearls 

The string of pearls after cutting likes mild and weak light, but does not like strong light. Therefore, it is more appropriate for us to put string of pearls in the semi shade, such as balcony, windowsill and so on. If there is very strong light, we must shade the string of pearls. Read More: How Much Light Does String of Pearls Plant Need 

Best Type of Soil for a String of Pearls

Because string of pearls likes soft soil, we should choose loose, breathable and fertile soil when configuring soil. The growth period of string of pearls is from March to December, so slightly wet soil is required, but it should be noted that the soil cannot accumulate water. Moreover, if the soil is not loose, it will lead to soil hardening, because the root system of Chlorophytum pearl pays money, so it is not conducive to absorbing nutrients in the soil. In configuration, perlite, peat soil and coal cinder are selected for mixed use. Coal cinder is added to increase its air permeability, facilitate the rapid growth of plants and facilitate drainage. If you want to increase air permeability, you can choose to add some sand to prevent soil hardening. If we want to quickly improve the survival rate of string of pearls, we can disinfect the soil at high temperature during configuration, or mix an appropriate amount of bactericide into the soil to remove pests and weeds in the soil and improve the survival rate of plants.
How Do You Propagate String of Pearls

Ideal Temperature for String of Pearls

String of pearls after cutting prefer a warm environment. They grow best when the temperature is between 20 ~ 25 degrees. When the temperature exceeds 30 degrees in summer, we must pay attention to shading, increase ventilation, turn on a small fan nearby, and control watering. We can also choose to water string of pearls on a sunny evening. Don't water it at noon during the day, and don't water it too much. Just give it a little water to keep it alive and spend the summer safely.

Best Fertilizer for String of Pearls

We generally spray organic fertilizer on string of pearls, which is conducive to the absorption of string of pearls. The dilution ratio of concentration should be appropriate. After special research, the nitrogen fertilizer with the concentration of 2 ‰ is the best, which can make the leaves of string of pearls round and green.
We can spray fertilizer on string of pearls with a watering can and spray it on the leaves with a watering can. We should spray it evenly on all leaves so that all leaves can effectively absorb nutrition, but we should apply fertilizer appropriately. If we apply too much fertilizer, it may lead to poor growth of string of pearls after cutting propagation.

Pruning String of Pearls 

String of pearls can easily grow branches. We should trim them in time. Branches will consume a lot of nutrients in the growth process. If they are not pruned, the nutrition is insufficient, which will affect the growth of the mother plant of string of pearls and prone to poor growth. In addition, leaving branches will also affect the overall plant shape and reduce the ornamental value. After the cutting of string of pearls, we have to trim it every maintenance period, so that the plant shape will be more beautiful.

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