How Fast Do String of Pearls Grow

Written by Ivy

Dec 14 2021

How Fast Do String of Pearls Grow
The growth rate of string of pearls is very fast when nutrients are sufficient, and the stems and leaves will continue to grow, which requires a lot of nutrients to maintain growth. If nutrients are not available, string of pearls will grow poorly, and the stem beads will become thin and soft. Therefore, we should regularly fertilize string of pearls during the vigorous growth period to ensure sufficient nutrition for its growth. The best fertilizer is rotten organic fertilizer. It is also very good to use fermented cake fertilizer water or rice washing water to pour string of pearls, which can make string of pearls grow rapidly.

Why does my string of pearls grow slowly?

How Fast Do String of Pearls Grow

Improper propagation position

Although string of pearls is a succulent plant, it is different from other succulent plants and does not like direct sunlight. If the light is too strong, the beads will be soft, shriveled and turn gray green, which will lead to slow growth of string of pearls. Therefore, string of pearls should be kept in a place with bright light and scattered light, not in a place with strong direct light. We can hang the string of pearls about two meters away from the west window. There will be direct light after 5 p.m., about an hour to an hour and a half.

Improper fertilization

If the string of pearls is too long, it is difficult to change the basin and it is easy to tear the beads. If the pots are not changed, fertilization is very important, otherwise it will lead to slow growth of string of pearls. We can pour fermented rice washing water once a week for string of pearls without applying other fertilizers. The rice washing water will stink. In the evening, it is mentioned that it will be poured outside for one night, and the next morning, it will have no taste in the house. The fermented rice washing water is mild and the content of various elements is balanced, so it is conducive to the growth of string of pearls.

No ventilation

When propagating string of pearls, we should be sure to ventilate more, otherwise it will cause slow growth of string of pearls and even rotten roots or beads. We can open the window when we get up every day, so that the ventilation will be better. If two vines rot from the roots, we can cut them off and cut a new pot. After the ventilation is improved, the string of pearls can be restored to its original state without rotten roots or rotten beads.

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Improper watering

We should note that the string of pearls beads are not soft and should not be watered, otherwise the plant will grow slowly. If the weather is sunny and the temperature is high, the beads will be watered only when they are soft. Some people like to spray water on string of pearls. In fact, there is no need to do so. The outer skin of string of pearls is relatively hard. Spraying water can not directly replenish water to it, but will only make the beads rot faster. In addition, string of pearls should not be exposed to rain, which can easily lead to slow growth or even death of string of pearls.

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How to make string of pearls grow rapidly?

How Fast Do String of Pearls Grow
The key to the rapid growth of string of pearls is to reasonably match the soil. The looseness of the soil has reached. String of pearls grows very fast. A friend of mine told me that every plant has different habits. It's enough to grasp one point. The root system of string of pearls is not developed. The loose flower soil can make the root system of string of pearls grow deeper, If the root system is deep, the string of pearls will grow quickly.
Do not cut off the fertilizer all year round. String of pearls are raised indoors. The average indoor temperature is 18 ° C, and the minimum temperature in winter is no less than 15 ° C. all seasons are during growth. Sprinkle a little phosphorus fertilizer or potassium fertilizer in the flower pot every other month. Applying fertilizer can make the beads of string of pearls grow more round and plump, and the branches grow faster. Or use the liquid fertilizer of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, mix it with 2000 times of water and spray it on the string of pearls beads. Remember that the concentration should not be too high.
During the growth period of string of pearls, we can pour it with thin organic fertilizer and water every 10 days or so, which can make the plant grow vigorously and grow continuously. Fertilization can also be used alternately with compound fertilizer to ensure sufficient nutrients for plant growth, so as to make string of pearls grow rapidly.

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