What is Spider Lily Meaning?

Written by Ivy

Nov 23 2021

What is Spider Lily Meaning?
Spider lily means that beloved cannot meet, and spider lily's flowers and leaves cannot open at the same time, symbolizing permanent separation. Spider lily is mostly used to express miserable and beautiful love, giving people a feeling of sadness and regret. Spider lily is a perennial herb, mostly growing on cool and humid slopes, with strong adaptability and beautiful appearance, which can be viewed by people.

1. What is Spider lily's flower Meanning?

What is Spider Lily Meaning?
Spider Lily's stem is slender and upright, and its leaves are narrow and long, mostly banded. Spider Lily's flowering period is between August and September. The flowers are bright red and have no leaves when they are open. Spider lily has no flowers when growing leaves and no leaves when flowering. The flower language is that we can't meet each other. Spider lily symbolizes permanent separation. Spider Lily mostly means that people in love can't stay together forever.
The legend of spider lily mainly comes from Asia, such as China, Japan and North Korea. The legend content is basically the same, but each country's understanding of Spider Lily's flower language is different: it has the meaning of auspiciousness in China, and its flower language of spider lily in China is "beautiful and pure"; In North Korea, it means Acacia. Spider lily opens the other side, so the flower language in North Korea is "missing each other". It has the meaning of "separation, sadness, death, beauty and bad luck"; In Japan, Spider Lily means separation and death, so in Japan, flower meaning is "sad memory".

2. Brief Guide of Caring for Spider Lily

What is Spider Lily Meaning?
Spider lily is a perennial herb of Lycoris in Lycoris family, also known as dragon claw flower. Spider Lily blooms in early autumn. The flowers fall off and grow leaves. The leaves are banded, and the fruits generally mature in October. Spider Lily likes a cool, humid and well ventilated climate. She mostly grows near shady hillsides and streams.
Spider lily has strong negative and cold resistance and can grow in a cool environment for a long time. Spider lily is not resistant to high temperature. In summer, when the temperature is above 24 ℃, spider lily will grow poorly. Spider lily also has strong adaptability to soil and can grow in poor soil, but it can grow Spider lily better in slightly acidic soil. (Read more about Spider Lily)