Summer maintanence of Graptoveria Tituverium

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

Summer maintanence of Graptoveria Tituverium

In the course of summer maintenance, Graptoveria 'tituverium' needs to be placed in the shade for maintenance. We need to prevent bask, must not put insolate in the sun.You also need to water the soil every day, and if it's too hot, you need to spray water all around to cool it.In summer, NPK can also be applied every two months.We should also do a good job in disease and insect control to avoid plant wilt and death.

Graptoveria 'tituverium'

1. Sun protection measures of Graptoveria 'tituverium'

The Graptoveria 'tituverium' loves to grow in the sunshine, but in the process of summer maintenance, do not put in the sun exposure, otherwise Graptoveria 'tituverium' leaves are easy to dehydrate, make its plants wither and die.Be sure to put it in the shade for curing, avoid sun exposure can, do sunscreen measures.

2. Water a lot for Graptoveria 'tituverium'

Although the Graptoveria 'tituverium' is not high in demand for water, the photographer must provide it in large quantities in the course of its summer growth.Generally we can water to the basin soil every evening. If the temperature is too high, and the climate is dry, it can be sprayed around its moisture, reducing the temperature around it.

Graptoveria 'tituverium'

3. Apply fertilizer rationally for Graptoveria 'tituverium'

In summer, it is unnecessary to provide camertoveria with the titute fertilization, though it is necessary to provide the appropriate amount of it in Graptoveria 'tituverium'.However, if you want to Graptoveria 'tituveria' blast pot, then it must be used every two months once n, P and K compound fertilizer. Do not need to give it more, otherwise it will affect plant growth.

4. Disease and insect control of Graptoveria's 'tituverium'

In fact, if it suffers improper maintenance in summer high temperature, then it will make Graptoveria 'tituveria' suffer the harm of insects, so that the plants grow badly, leaves will also appear irregular disease spots.Improve the ventilation environment immediately, but also a large number of potassium compound fertilizer, timely watering, spraying the corresponding insect insecticide.

Graptoveria 'tituverium'