How to take care of Chinese peony

Written by Maggie

Jan 21 2021

How to take care of  Chinese peony

Chinese peony flowers are large, gorgeous, fragrant, charming, and have been loved by people since ancient times. Many people want to grow Chinese peony. But how to care for Chinese peony? Let's look together.

Chinese peony care

Chinese peony care for leaves yellowing

The chinese peony flower leaves became brown to suit the remedy to the case in time. If it is sun exposure it will plant into half shade, then gradually restore it to see the light of time and temperature should be moved into the shade. Ventilation when necessary using artificial water spray cooling. If too little water will keep hydrated, water after keeps the soil moist as the standard. The following are details of Chinese peony care for leaves yellowing.

1. Shading treatment

Chinese peony flowers like grow in sunny conditions, but not for a long period of time put it in the sun insolates, otherwise it will affect the growth of plant balance, yellow leaves will happen, so chinese peony flower leaves became brown. When we care for Chinese peony, it will be moved to the plant in the shade, looks like blade recovery after gradually moving to a sunny place, and the light shade needs to be handled.

2. Cooling treatment

Chinese peony flower is the thermophilic plants that grow faster in warm environments, but for a long time under the environment of high temperature easy to burn blades, which can appear the phenomenon of yellow withered. When we care for Chinese peony, yellow leaves will be cut off, put in ventilation and cool environment maintenance, and need the surrounding water spray cooling high temperature season, control temperature at 25 ℃ or so.

3. Moisture care

Chinese peony flowers like to grow in the moist matrix, if the growth of too little watering during the soil water shortage is serious, the leaves can not get effective nutrients, the edge part will gradually yellow. When we care for Chinese peony, it should be timely water supplement, loose soil treatment, after watering to keep the basin soil moist as the standard, the weather turns cool and can be appropriately reduced.

4. Fertilizing care

Chinese peony the fertilizer requirement is not high, if too much fertilizer, or applying fertilizer is very thick, it can lead to the lower branches and leaves gradually yellow, new leaves grow bad, bleak. When we care for Chinese peony, stop the fertilization, timely processing in soil.

5. Chinese peony care for disease and insect prevention

Chinese peony flowers in spring and summer are prone to leaf spot rust and little tiger harm, after the onset of the leaf will fall off in advance. The plant growth is weak, in the onset of the disease, it will be cut off in time. After cleaning leaves centralized destruction, maintain good ventilation, with the corresponding Bordeaux liquid or anti rust sodium spray every week.

Chinese peony care

Chinese peony care for flower buds drying

In the Chinese peony flowering process, if the soil solidifies its bud will dry, then need to give its new pot soil, on the pot maintenance. The lack of water needs to water evenly to the basin soil, nutrient shortage in time to the basin soil top dressing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer, fertilization process should not be excessive. When suffering from disease and insect harm, we need to cut off the incidence of the part, but also spraying the corresponding agent control. The following are details of Chinese peony care for flower buds drying.

1. Soil care

In the growth of Chinese peony, soil is easy to solidify, and will affect its roots to absorb moisture and nutrients in the soil, resulting in Chinese peony bud dry, then we need to give it leaf rot soil, garden soil mixed with a new pot soil. When we care for Chinese peony, it is good to re-pot maintenance, so that its bud can open beautiful flowers

2. Moisture care

Chinese peony likes to grow in moist soil, usually need to water the pot soil in time, especially Chinese peony flowering period, otherwise it will make the bud dry. When we care for Chinese peony, it needs to be appropriate to the pot soil evenly watered. Don't water too much to avoid rotting roots, waiting for the bud to gradually return to vitality, then you can water the pot soil thoroughly.

3. Mutrients care

In fact, Chinese peony is also a plant that needs nutrients very much. When Chinese peony flower buds dry, it may also be caused by insufficient nutrients. When we care for Chinese peony, it is necessary to immediately topapply NPK compound fertilizer to the soil in the pot to provide sufficient nutrients to promote the flowering of the flower buds.

4. Chinese peony care for diseases and insects control

If the Chinese peony flowering, suffered the harm of diseases and pests such as aphids, leaf mildew, these will gradually weaken plant disease and insect pests, which leads to killing its bud. Generally regardless of these diseases and for a long time, it is easy to make it withered. When we care for Chinese peony, we need to immediately cut the portion of the disease, and also to spray the corresponding reagents of diseases and pests.

Chinese peony care