How to grow and care for Chinese peony

Written by Maggie

Jan 21 2021

How to grow and care for Chinese peony

With the improvement of people's pace of life and quality of life, many people are paying more and more attention to traditional Chinese medicine health, especially the planting of traditional Chinese medicine is becoming more and more common planting and promotion. Let's take a look at how to grow Chinese peony flowers and Chinese peony care.

grow and care for Chinese peony

How to grow Chinese peony

The first step is to select some good chinese peony seedlings. You can grow some of them next to the good Chinese peony seedlings, or you can buy Chinese peony seedlings directly.

2. choose good seedlings, preferably some with some growing roots, and some leaves seedlings, or go to the garden market to buy some.

3. Some chinese peony flowers are single-layer and some Chinese peony petals are multi-layer. For practical petals, we must do a good job in purchasing seedlings.

4. The selection of soil. Chinese peony does not have much requirement for soil, as long as it is not too barren, too dry or too flooded.

Do a good job of time and season selection, and it must choose, suitable spring, early spring, or Tomb-sweeping Day before and after the planting.

5. For the Chinese peony seedlings that have been planted, we must make timely and effective observation, regular watering, regular fertilization, regular medicine, regular observation of the growth status.

grow and care for Chinese peony

Growing Chinese peony care

Fertilizer care for growing Chinese peony

Top dressing to control, three times a year, the first time in the new shoot quickly out. When the leaves and buds are stretching, the application of quick-acting fertilizer is mainly called "promoting flower fertilizer".

Watering care for growing Chinese peony 

Chinese peony appropriate watering several times. When we grow and care for Chinese peony, in order to supplement the lack of soil moisture, each watering should not be too much.

Pruning care for growing Chinese peony

In order to make Chinese peony flowers colorful, robust growth, plastic pruning is very important. Chinese peony plastic surgery mainly includes the work of fixed stem, pruning, bud removal, thinning bud, and cutting off the residual flowers. Chinese peony can be fixed dried after 2 ~ 3 years of cultivation. When we grow and care for Chinese peony, Chinese peony can be pruned into a single - stemmed variety with strong opposite growth. The opposite growth trend is weak, the variety that sends branch number less, general cut off fine weak branch, retain strong branch.

Pot soil care for growing Chinese peony

Chinese peony can be combined with the sub-plant for a year or two to change the pot once, when changing the pot should retain more soil. If the cluster is not large, do not divide. When changing the pot do not break the old soil, remove part of the old soil in the rootless place, cut the rotten roots. Add new soil, appropriate to add some phosphate fertilizer as a base fertilizer, not too much. When we grow and care for Chinese peony, put them in the basin after conservation in a cool place, and about a week later move to the sun.

Chinese peony care for pest Control:

1. Scale insects, also known as scale insects, can be brushed with soft brush, or cut off insect pest branches and burned, and spray the eggs during the incubation period. The surface of the newly hatched insect body is not covered with wax, and it is easy to be killed. When we grow and care for Chinese peony, it is best to strengthen quarantine and prevent the introduction of insect-bearing nursery stock.

2. Aphids: we can spray 40 {BF} dimethoate emulsion 1000 ~ 1500 times liquid, or 80 {BF} dichlorvos 1500 ~ 2000 times liquid, or 50 {BF} aphidine emulsion 1000 ~ 1500 times liquid can inhibit aphids disaster in the short term.

grow and care for Chinese peony