Chinese peony caring tips

Written by Maggie

Jan 21 2021

Chinese peony caring tips

Chinese peonies are very common in our lives. But do you know how to care for Chinese peony leaves falling or roots rot? Today, we will talk about some Chinese peony caring tips.

Chinese peony care

Chinese peony care for leaves falling

Chinese peony leaves fall. Excessive fertilization to dilute the concentrated fertilizer, and then thin fertilizer frequently apply good maintenance; Strong light sunburn to shade maintenance, and can not be placed in a dark place, to provide more than 6 hours of astigmatism; Cold prevention should be done well, and the appropriate temperature should be kept above 5℃. Disease and insect pests to spray control, so that chinese peony can grow healthily. The following are details of Chinese peony care for leaves falling.

1. Watering care

Excessive watering will lead to water accumulation in Chinese peony basin soil, which will cause root rot and leaves. When we care for Chinese peon, the soil should be dried after drainage, and then cured to make it grow normally. Usually not water shortage, so as to avoid the lack of water and dry leaves fall, to see the dry see wet to supplement water, so that the water is sufficient and healthy growth.

2. Fertilizing care

Chinese peony can also cause root burns and rot because of excessive fertilization, which leads to the situation of falling leaves. The concentrated fertilizer should be diluted with water, and the rotted root should be treated well, and then carefully maintained to make it grow better. When we care for Chinese peony, paying attention to each fertilization can not be excessive, also can not use raw fertilizer, need to thin fertilizer frequently and apply good nutrient supplement.

3. Shading maintenance

Because of the strong light exposure caused by sunburn and the emergence of Chinese peony leaves, it should be placed in a shaded position, maintenance, and water cooling to make it return to normal. However, it should be noted that Chinese peony is a light-loving plant, which cannot be maintained in the shade for a long time. When we care for Chinese peony, it should be grown in astigmatism and receive more than 6 hours of sunlight.

4. Temperature care

After suffering from low temperature damage, it is also easy to make chinese peony flowers appear as the phenomenon of leaf drop. When we care for Chinese peony, to do a good job of warming and cold protection measures, the temperature in winter needs to be controlled above 5℃, usually it is best to maintain an appropriate temperature environment of about 20 ~ 25℃, so that Chinese peony can grow healthy and healthy.

Chinese peony care

5.  Chinese peony care for pest control

In fact, after being affected by diseases and insect pests, chinese peony leaves will also appear. For this phenomenon, it is necessary to spray the corresponding carbendazim, antifungal and dichlorvos and other bactericidal insecticide solution in time, so as to protect it from pests and diseases. When we care for Chinese peony, attention should be paid to maintaining a healthy and ventilated growth environment for Chinese peony to avoid the breeding of germs.

Chinese peony care for roots rot

Generally speaking, if Chinese peony roots are rotted, there are only two cases. One is that the root rot is caused by too wet soil, and then the rotted part of the root needs to be removed and a new dry soil needs to be replaced. The other is that underground insects gnaw on Chinese peony roots, which requires irrigation of Chinese peony roots with medicine. The following are details of Chinese peony care for roots rot.

Cut root rot

Because the root of Chinese peony is relatively small, once the root rots the whole plant Chinese peony will die, so how to care for Chinese peony rotted root? First, carefully observe the rot degree of the root. If the rot degree is too large, the rot part will be removed. If it is not too serious, it will be directly wiped with Formeiling to plant it back into the soil, and then it will be treated with medicine and then planted into the soil again.

Soil care

Excessive soil moisture is the main cause of rotting roots, due to excessive soil water and poor permeability, because moisture is a favorable condition for bacterial breeding. So when we care for Chinese peony, it is better to replace the new soil when replanting.

Irrigation root extermination

General planting using home soil, without any disinfection treatment, it is very likely that the soil will contain a variety of underground worm eggs, until the adult will gnaw Chinese peony root. When we care for Chinese peony, if not timely use of drugs for root irrigation treatment, the growth of Chinese peony will be a huge threat, then you can choose thiamethoxam can.

Water and temperature care

Plants need water and light. Although Chinese peony can grow slowly in the backlight, the warm climate can effectively promote the self-recovery of roots of Chinese peony. When we care for Chinese peony, watering should not be too much. Chinese peony is drought resistant, too much watering will lead to root rot.

Chinese peony care