How To Propagate Rex Begonia?

Written by Ivy

Dec 30 2021

How To Propagate Rex Begonia?
Rex Begonia is an ornamental plant that lots of people like it. It has a long flowering period and rich colors. Potted plants will have a good decorative effect in home windowsills, desktops and other places. So how to propagate Rex Begonia? Let's take a look at common Rex Begonia's propagation methods.

How to Propagate Begonia from Cuttings?

  • Water Propagation

Propagating Rex Begonia in water is highly ornamental. It can not only enjoy the beauty of the aboveground part of the plant, but also enjoy Rex Begonia's white aquatic roots. It is clean, sanitary and easy to maintain. There is no need to worry about watering the plant. Rex Begonia has changed from soil culture to hydroponic culture, which can be carried out in any season.

1. Diluted Concentrate

There are soilless cultivation nutrient solutions sold on the market. When using soilless cultivation nutrient solution, you should see the instructions clearly and dilute it with water according to the specified multiple. Generally, the concentrated solution can be diluted 100 times with water.

2. Decant and Root Washing

Dig out the selected Rex Begonia plants from the soil or gently pour them out of the flower pot. First lift the branches and stems with your right hand, gently support the root system with your left hand, replace them with your right hand, gently shake and slowly pat them, so that the root soil falls off and all roots are exposed. Then soak it in clean water for 15-20 minutes, gently wash the root by hand, and then change the water for 2-3 times until the root of Rex Begonia is completely free of soil, and the root washing water is clear and transparent without sediment.
How To Propagate Rex Begonia

3. Root Soaking Absorption

Soak the cleaned Rex Begonia roots in nutrient solution for 10 minutes to allow the roots to fully absorb nutrients.

4. Select Matrix

We can choose vermiculite as the cultivation substrate alone, or add different proportions of perlite and fine sand to vermiculite according to the air permeability needs of Rex Begonia root system to form a matrix with air permeability, water and fertilizer retention and easy fixation.

5. Upper Basin and Liquid Filling

We can wash Rex Begonia flowerpot, place tiles or fill plastic yarn in the hole at the bottom of the basin, then put a little perlite and vermiculite in the basin, then put the plant into the basin for centralization, and fill the light minerals such as perlite and vermiculite around the root system. Gently shake the flowerpot to make the ore close to the root system. Then water the prepared nutrient solution until there is liquid flowing out of the hole at the bottom of the basin.

6. Root Reinforcement

We can put small pieces on the roots to strengthen Rex Begonia roots and avoid lodging. At the same time, we can spray some water on Rex Begonia's leaves.

7. Maintenance Management

The requirements for light, temperature and other conditions of soilless flower bonsai are the same as those of soiled cultivation. During the plant growth period, the nutrient solution is poured once a week, and the amount depends on the size of Rex Begonia, and the amount of flowers with slow leaf growth should be reduced; Water once every 15 ~ 30 days in winter or dormancy period. Indoor foliage plants can survive under weak light conditions, reduce the amount of nutrient solution, and nutrient solution can also be used for foliar spraying to promote growth. At ordinary times, we should also pay attention to watering Rex Begonia in time.
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  • Soil Propagation

When propagating Rex Begonia from cuttings in soil, we should select appropriate pot soil, the size of flower pot should be appropriate, meet the growth needs of Rex Begonia, the material is mainly breathable, and there are holes at the bottom that can drain normally, so as to facilitate the normal outflow of water. Select loose, deep and fertile soil and add a small amount of particles to facilitate drainage. We have to raise it for about a year or two to change the basin and soil for Rex Begonia. It's best to change the basin in spring.
Rex Begonia likes indirect light and is suitable for growing in an environment with sufficient light. It is best to place it in a bright place, such as balcony, windowsill, etc. Only when sufficient sunlight is maintained can photosynthesis be carried out normally and Rex Begonia grow healthily.
How To Propagate Rex Begonia

Propagating Rex Begonia from Rhizome

Propagating Rex Begonia from rhizome is the easiest method, and Rex Begonia usually uses this method for breeding. Rex Begonia can also reproduce by dividing tubers. Cut the germinated tubers longitudinally, each with 1 to 2 buds, and plant in a pot after the incision is dried. If the two asexual propagation methods of cutting and branching are adopted, we should pay attention to maintaining high environmental humidity and temperature from 20 ℃ to 25 ℃ in order to achieve better results.

How to Propagate Begonia from Leaf?

Rex Begonia cutting propagation can be carried out in four seasons, but spring and autumn are the best. Because of the high temperature and humidity in summer, the cuttings are easy to rot and the survival rate is low. For cuttings, it is appropriate to select the top shoots of strong branches at the base, about 8-10 cm long. During cutting, most of the leaves shall be removed and inserted into a clean sand basin to keep moist, pay attention to shade, and take root in 15-20 days. After rooting, it can be exposed to sunlight in the morning and evening. When the root is 2-3cm long, it can be cultured in a pot. When the temperature is not too high in spring and autumn, cut the twigs 8-10cm long, soak the base in clean water to take root, and then plant them in the basin for maintenance.
  • Whole Leaf
1. We can cut complete leaves from Rex Begonia plants, preferably with 2-3 bud points.
2. Prepare the matrix in advance and use fine sand or vermiculite.
3. Cutting in spring from March to April, the branches are cut into the matrix to keep the soil moist and take root in about one month.
  • Partial Leaves
1. We can also select and cut well-developed leaves without diseases and pests, and cut along the veins with a sharp knife.
2. We can prepare breathable fine sand with transparent material, which can be conducive to rooting.
3. We can obliquely insert the leaves into the fine sand and take root in about 30 days.

Propagating Rex Begonia from Seed

Begonia sowing and propagation method is generally carried out when the temperature is not too high in early spring or autumn. Because the seeds are small, the sowing work requires meticulous. Before sowing, disinfect the basin soil at high temperature, then evenly sprinkle the seeds, flatten them, and then immerse the basin into water, which is permeable from the basin bottom to wet the basin soil. Germinate at 20 ℃ for about 7-10 days. When 2 true leaves appear, the time and seedling; 4 pieces of real land, transplant several seedlings into a basin with a diameter of 6cm. Spring sowing can bloom in winter, and autumn sowing can bloom from March to April of the following year.
Dividing, cutting and sowing are the most common propagation methods used by Rex Begonia. The number of Rex Begonia plants required for household breeding is not large, so the most suitable propagation methods are dividing and cutting.
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