How Much Light Does Rex Begonia Need?

Written by Ivy

Dec 30 2021

How Much Light Does Rex Begonia Need?
Rex Begonia needs moderate to bright indirect light. Rex Begonia is very sensitive to too strong light, especially in summer. We must not put Rex Begonia directly under the sun. It should be moved to the astigmatism with shade, or placed in the semi shade of the room, as long as it is not exposed to strong light.
When we maintain the potted Rex Begonia indoors, we can put them in the air-conditioned room in summer, so that Rex Begonia can spend the summer safely, or move the potted leaf viewing Rex Begonia to a cool and ventilated place in summer, so as to give appropriate indirect light, or even directly place Rex Begonia under the shade of the tree, with more than 3 hours of soft light every day, It can meet the growth needs of Rex Begonia.
How Much Light Does Rex Begonia Need
Rex Begonia can tolerate a semi cloudy environment, but it cannot be raised in an excessively shaded environment. Rex Begonia cannot be raised in a good-looking state under bright lights. It is necessary to ensure that there are more than 3 ~ 6 hours of non scattered light every day to ensure their healthy growth.
In the cold season, when the temperature is between 5 ~ 22 degrees, we can let Rex Begonia bask more in the sun and avoid the sun exposure. In the high temperature season, we must pay attention to shading and maintenance, and often spray water on the ground to reduce the ground temperature.
In the process of indoor maintenance of Rex Begonia, we'd better place it on the balcony, tea table and other sunny environment for maintenance. Rex Begonia needs to be given enough sunshine to carry out photosynthesis in the sun to promote it to produce beautiful flowers. If it is not given enough sunshine, Rex Begonia will easily wither and die.
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