How to grow strawberry in summer

Written by Maggie

Nov 24 2020

How to grow strawberry in summer

In summer, the temperature is too high, so the strawberries can be sunshades and temperature management, to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. Also pay attention to the appropriate spraying of strawberry vines, to avoid strawberry necrosis. At the same time pay attention to watering small water frequently in order to improve the survival temperature of strawberries.

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How to grow strawberry in summer

1. Shading management of strawberry in summer

It is hot and dry in summer, and the time of direct sunlight in the daytime is long. Strawberries are afraid of hot plants. The direct sun for too long is easy to cause seedlings to wither and die. So in the summer, do a good job for strawberry sunshade work, you can use sunshade umbrellas for the block part of the sun. Shading prevents strawberries from dying of direct sunlight.

2. Temperature management of strawberry in summer

Summer strawberry care should be careful not to let the strawberry grow too high, so easily because the high temperature burns the strawberry. You can choose to spray some water to cool the strawberries when the temperature is high. This will prevent the strawberries from burning.

How to grow strawberry in summer

3. Disease prevention and control of strawberry in summer

High summer temperatures can cause a series of diseases to the strawberry roots. During the seedling period, appropriately spray some drugs for the strawberry,  playing the role of sterilization, prevention of diseases. It can make strawberries grow more smoothly in the summer and avoid the phenomenon of rotten roots and rotten leaves.

4. Water little water frequently for strawberry in summer

Strawberries should not be heavily watered even if the temperature is high in Summer. Serious water accumulation in the roots of strawberries can lead to root rot, affecting the growth of strawberries. In the process of strawberry curing in summer, small water can be used to appropriately increase irrigation times, so as to play a role in lowering the soil temperature, and at the same time to meet the needs of watering.

How to grow strawberry in summer