How to grow Sedum adolphii in summer

Written by Maggie

Dec 02 2020

How to grow Sedum adolphii in summer

Sedum Adolphii needs to be well shaded and protected from the sun during its growth.It should be placed in the shade for curing, and it should be sprayed with water in a timely manner, especially when the climate is dry and the temperature is too high.Actually also we can apply fertilizer every two months when summer, and do disease insect control. Pay attention to environmental ventilation.If suffering from pests and diseases, spray corresponding insecticides for control.

Sedum Adolphii

1. Sunscreen of Sedum Adolphii

Sedum Adolphii likes to grow in the sun, but the sun is very hot in summer. If placed in the sun and exposed to sunlight, it is easy to dehydrate the plants, affecting their normal growth in the pot and soil.Usually in the summer when the temperature is higher than 32℃, it must be placed in the shade for curing, to do a good job of sunscreen measures.

2. Water in time for Sedum Adolphii

In fact, sedum adolphii does not have a high demand for water. However, in summer, the water in the soil is easy to evaporate. At this time, it is necessary to water the soil in a proper amount every day, and it is best to put it in a ventilated environment.When the climate is dry and the temperature is too high, also potter around the water, reducing its growth environment temperature.

Sedum Adolphii

3. Fertilize appropriately for Sedum Adolphii

Generally, Sedum Adolphii should be fertilized in time during its growth.Proper fertilization is also required during the summer semi-dormant period.So what's the best way to grow Sedum Adolphii in summer?Apply organic fertilizer every two months in the summer. Do not sprinkle the leaves with fertilizer each time, or it will rot the plant.

4. Disease and insect control of Sedum Adolphii

During the growth of Sedum Adolphii in summer, it is also vulnerable to the harm of bacteria, diseases and insects, which makes the leaves of its plants gradually lose color, reducing the ornamental value of its plants, and it may even wither and die over a long period of time. We need to improve its immediate ventilation environment, and deal with the onset of branches and leaves, to spray its corresponding insecticides prevention.

Sedum Adolphii