How to grow Cotyledon Tomentosa in summer

Written by Maggie

Dec 02 2020

How to grow Cotyledon Tomentosa in summer

In summer, Cotyledon Tomentosa requires cooling measures. You can reduce the indoor temperature by means of air conditioning, and at the same time pay attention to sunscreen that can be transferred to the semi-shade environment. Cotyledon Tomentosa grows slowly in the summer, so water needs to be reduced. Follow the principle of seeing dry and seeing wet, and keep the soil in a dry environment. During this period, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied for a time to supplement nutrients for the plant and help the plant bud bloom.

Cotyledon Tomentosa

1. Cooling measures for Cotyledon Tomentosa

How to raise cotyledon tomentosa in the summer is a skill. The high temperature in summer will affect the growth of Cotyledon Tomentosa, so it is necessary to timely reduce the temperature, and it is better to take corresponding cooling measures. The temperature can be kept below 30℃ while strengthening management. Cotyledon Tomentosa is best cooled by air conditioning to make it safe for the summer.

2. Shading treatment for Cotyledon Tomentosa

The light is also very strong in summer. If the shading treatment is not carried out in a timely manner, it will affect the flowering of Cotyledon Tomentosa breeding buds, and even the phenomenon of falling leaves. So it's better to put Cotyledon Tomentosa in a semi-shade to avoid bright light.

Cotyledon Tomentosa

3. Reduce watering for Cotyledon Tomentosa

Although summer is the flowering time of Cotyledon Tomentosa, plants do not have a high demand for water, and slow growth reduces their demand for water. So we can  in accordance with the principle of dry see wet, so that the basin keeps in a dry environment at its best, so that you can avoid the phenomenon of rot roots.

4. Apply phosphate potash fertilizer for Cotyledon Tomentosa

Cotyledon Tomentosa is slow to grow in the summer, and the demand for fertilizer is not high. But a thin dose of phosphate potash can be applied to help the plant bud bloom. In addition, the summer is also a period of high incidence of diseases and insect pests, so we need to increase the ventilation effect. Every month we can spray with carbendazim, reducing the probability of disease infection.

Cotyledon Tomentosa