Conophytum maughanii care in summer

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

Conophytum maughanii care in summer

When growing and caring for Conophytum maughanii in the summer, it needs to be put under the environment of astigmatism. Increase water quantity, proper watering Conophytum maughanii every day, and keep the soil moist. And if compacted, we need appropriately loose soil, make Conophytum maughanii grow well. If Conophytum maughanii has diseases, apply prevention and control of spraying.

Conophytum maughanii

1. Astigmatism curing of Conophytum maughanii

When conophytum maughanii is cultivated in the summer, it should be put in the astigmatism environment for cultivation. Never put Conophytum maughanii in the sun for exposure, especially in the midday sun, so that conophytum maughanii can grow well and avoid Conophytum Maughanii being dehydrated in the summer.

2. Add water for Conophytum maughanii

Conophytum Maughanii needs to be watered a lot in the summer when soil moisture evaporates. But do not make the soil wet, which can cause roots to rot.

Conophytum maughanii

3. Loose soil for Conophytum maughanii

Many people don't know how to grow and care for Conophytum Maughanii in summer. Usually in summer cultivation, its soil is easy to harden. At this time we need to timely give Conophytum maughanii loose soil. It is suggested to loosen every other month, so that to make Conophytum Maughanii roots better stretch, make it constantly explode in the soil.

4. Disease and insect control of Conophytum maughanii

Under the high temperature in summer, Conophytum Maughanii may be harmed by red spider mites, aphids and other diseases, so it is necessary to keep the environment ventilated. If it is not careful, it is necessary to deal with the affected parts in time, and then spray the corresponding diseases and insect agents such as dichrovide to it, and wait for the gradual recovery of life, then clean Conophytum Maughanii with clean water.

Conophytum maughanii