How to Grow and Care for Trailing Ice Plant

Written by Maggie

Dec 13 2022

How to Grow and Care for Trailing Ice Plant

The Trailing ice plant is a perennial evergreen subshrub succulent plant, native to southern Africa in the apricot family. But how to grow and care for Trailing ice plants? Let's find out about the growing Trailing ice plant care.

Growing Trailing Ice Plant Care

1. Soil Care for Growing Trailing Ice Plant

The original soil is mostly gravel desert or semi-desert, but if the artificial cultivation uses the above soil, the growth will be poor. When we grow and care for Trailing ice plant, potting soil can be mixed with 4 parts of leaf rot soil, 2 parts of coarse sand, 1 part of green bran ash, bone meal and a small amount of superphosphate. Because the branches are soft, support should be set when prostate cultivation to prevent tilting.

2. Light Care for Growing Trailing Ice Plant 

In addition to a little shade in summer, other seasons should be given sufficient light. When we grow and care for a Trailing ice plant, if the light is not enough, the internode distance elongation, soft stems and leaves, it is easy to lodging. The Daisy-Like Flower plant is in a half dormant state when midsummer is high temperature, and should be in a ventilated cool place.

3. Temperature Care for Growing Trailing Ice Plant

Trailing ice plant likes a warm environment. It is characterized by high temperature dormancy in summer and slow growth at low temperature in winter.

care for Trailing ice plants

4. Watering Care for Growing Trailing Ice Plant

When we grow and care for a Trailing ice plant, usually keep the basin soil moist, watering rather less than more. Trailing ice plants are afraid of waterlogging and resistant to drought. Overwintering also needs to reduce watering, maintain leaf not to wrinkle can.

5. Fertilization Care for Growing Trailing Ice Plant

Northern potted plants need to overwinter in the greenhouse. Because potted plants require low height, full plant shape, should be applied low nitrogen, high phosphorus potassium fertilizer, if the nitrogen fertilizer is too much, easy to grow, reduce resistance. When we grow and care for a Trailing ice plant, commonly used organic fertilizer has cake fertilizer, poultry dung and animal hoof horn, before use. The Japanese like to use decayed chicken manure, in the basin on the root around the base fertilizer (do not directly contact the root), the effect is very good. Inorganic fertilizer multi-purpose compound granular fertilizer, can be placed in the basin bottom or basin edge when using, let it gradually dissolve when watering, be absorbed by the plant, can also be dissolved into liquid fertilizer and then used. General family cultivation, or advocate the use of compound fertilizer.

Trailing Ice Plant Propagation Method

In the country of origin, the trailing ice plant is used for propagation. In other places, the seeds need to be imported, and the cuttings are used for breeding in spring. The cuttings should be cut from the base as the stem is fine. The branches can also be used as cuttings. The cuttings should be inserted into a bed of sand or frogstone or perlite, but not too deep. The suitable temperature for rooting is 20-25℃. Maintain the humidity of the slotting machine. Attention should be paid to ventilation during close insertion to ensure the supply of oxygen. If the cuttings are less, when a pot is inserted, try to rely on the edge of the pot, so that it is easier to take root. Generally 20 to 30 days can take root, on the pot with a bamboo stick to loosen the root, gently pull out the cuttings, shake off the excess sand, after a little dry planting.

care for Trailing ice plants