How to Grow and Care for Syringa Villosa

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2021

How to Grow and Care for Syringa Villosa

Syringa Villosa is not a difficult flower to grow. As long as you understand the growth requirements of Syringa Villosa, it is relatively easy to grow Syringa Villosa well. Here are 6 tips for growing and caring for Syringa Villosa.

Syringa Villosa

Syringa Villosa Growing Conditions

Syringa Villosa is a light lover, slightly shade-tolerant, cool and humid climate lover, drought tolerant and cold tolerant.

Syringa Villosa Soil Care

Syringa Villosa does not require much soil, as long as the soil is fertile, loose and well drained. Do not grow syringa villosa in a low-lying wet area.

Syringa Villosa likes sufficient light, so it is necessary to give sufficient light when we care for Syringa Villosa, especially before flowering. Sufficient light can make the flowering effect of Syringa Villosa better.

Syringa Villosa Watering Requirements

Generally, after planting Syringa Villosa, it needs to be watered thoroughly, and after watering every 10 days, it needs to be loosened after watering. Irrigation can be done according to different regions, usually in North China,

From April to June, cloves grow vigorously and blossom. They should be watered 2-3 times a month to flood. After July, when they enter the rainy season, attention should be paid to drainage and waterlogging prevention. Fill it up by mid-November before winter begins.

Syringa Villosa

Syringa Villosa Fertilizing Care

Syringa Villosa does not have high requirements for fertilizer, flower friends can apply no fertilizer or a small amount of fertilizer. Do not apply too much fertilizer, otherwise it will cause fruitlessness, fire and affect the formation of flower buds, on the other hand, reduce the flowering. But after flowering we should apply some phosphorus, potash fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer.

Syringa Villosa Pruning Care

Large seedlings of 3 to 4 years old Syringa Villosa are planted, requiring strong pruning of the branches on the ground. They are usually cut from 30 cm above the ground, and in the second year they can produce luxurant flowers.

Generally in the spring before the initiation of pruning, mainly cut out the weak branches, overdense branches, and reasonable retention of the renewal of branches. Cut off the remaining spikes after flowering.

Syringa Villosa Care for Pest Control

Syringa Villosa seedling blight, easily damping off, black leaf, root rot, etc.. When the seedlings grow two or three true leaf enemy eriksson 500 times liquid or 50% 55% carbendazim 800 times 600 times liquid filling root can also use 50% carbendazim spray, black leaf disease, also can spray a fairy tale. When most seedlings can reach more than 30 cm, seedlings 60 centimeters of above 2 years, we can cut sizes of vegetation.

Syringa Villosa