How to grow and care for Pickle plant

Written by Maggie

Feb 03 2021

How to grow and care for Pickle plant

Pickle plant is a succulent plant of the genus Eucalyptus, originating in the hills and lowlands of southern, eastern and central South Africa. So how do Pickle plants grow? Here's how to grow and care Pickle plants

Environment care for growing pickle plant

Pickle plants need full sunlight and a cool, dry environment, tolerant of semi-shade, and avoid flooding and hot and humid conditions. It has the habit of growing in the cold season and dormant in high temperature in summer. pickle plants are not strict in their soil requirements. When we grow and care for Pickle plant, peat soil with coarse sand to keep water permeable is fine. Every year from autumn to summer of the second year for the growing season of the plant (flower friend environment is not the same, the growing season also has length), if the lack of light plants easy to grow, the upper and lower distance between the leaves and leaves will pull longer, make the plant more loose, the stem becomes very fragile very tender, the leaves will elongate, the color will become pale green. Pickle plants, on the other hand, do not grow too slowly when they grow in full sunlight and are relatively short and stout, and their leaves tend to be more tightly arranged.

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Soil care for growing pickle plant

When we grow and care for Pickle plant, pickle plants need to keep the soil slightly moist during the growing season to avoid water accumulation. The soil is made of coal cinder mixed with peat and a small amount of perlite, with a ratio of about 6:3:1. The surface of the soil is paved with river sand. Pickle plants can withstand temperatures as low as -4 ° C when the soil is dry, indoors, not outdoors. The whole winter basic water, 5 degrees below will begin to slowly cut off water. When the summer temperature exceeded 35℃, the whole plant growth basically stopped. When we grow and care for Pickle plant, we should reduce watering to prevent root rot caused by excessive moisture of basin soil. And strengthen ventilated, appropriate shade, avoid the strong sunlight, the whole summer such basic maintenance, is worthy of that summer, water is not the entire season, is the only tiny amounts of water, or leaflets of easy to dry, water it only at the edge of the basin about 2-4 times a month, 7-9 o 'clock in the evening feed water, when the sun is setting, will not affect the roots of plants.

Repot care for growing pickle plant

Pickle plants should be cultivated without prolonged rain to prevent root damage and shoots from turning yellow and rotting. When we grow and care for Pickle plant, because pickled plants grow relatively quickly, they are ready to be repotted once or twice a year, before the first watering in early spring. Pickle plants are not very large, but are branched and can be propagated by cutting and splitting. 

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