How to Grow and Care for Nasturtium

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to Grow and Care for Nasturtium

Nasturtium is very common in our daily life. Many flower lovers like to grow Nasturtium, not only because it is easy to grow, but also because it has colorful flowers and beautiful green leaves, and it has a very long flowering period. If it is well raised, it can flower all year round. So let's take a look at how to grow and care for Nasturtium.

When to Grow Nasturtium

Start nasturtium seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost, and wait to plant outside until all danger of frost is past.

Alternatively, large nasturtium seeds are simple to plant, and it's easy to direct nasturtiums in the garden. Soak seeds in the garden 2 weeks before the last frost. Soak seeds overnight for faster satisfying. Plant seeds ½ to 1 inch deep and 5-6 inches apart.

Where to Grow Nasturtium

Grow nasturtiums in moist well-drained soil. In cool climates, plant nasturtiums in full sun. Water well until plant is established and then provide regular water.

Nasturtiums prefer cooler weather, so in warm ranging from growing plants in the shade to prolong their growing season.

Nasturtiums are very adaptable and grow well in shady areas, poor soil, dry conditions, and areas where other plants may not grow.

Nasturtiums are frost-sensitive, and you may need to cover them during a frost event.

How to care for Nasturtiums 

Nasturtium Soil care

Nasturtium potting like easy drainage, sufficient nutrients, conducive to the root respiration of the soil, afraid of waterlogging, not water, potting soil can be used garden soil, leaf rot soil, compost soil, sand soil in a 4:4:1:1 ratio mixture.

Nasturtium Lighting Requirements

Nasturtium likes to have sufficient illumination. When we care for Nasturtium, direct sunlight is not acceptable in summer, and it should be placed in a cool place with air circulation. Nasturtium plants will grow in response to light conditions, rotating the plants to receive even light.


Nasturtium Watering

Nasturtium is moisture tolerant by waterlogging, soil moisture should be controlled in 50%, When we care for Nasturtium during the growth, watering should be watered several times less, spring and autumn every 1 ~ 2 days watering once a day, summer watering once a day, the evening need to Nasturtium foliage spraying. Bud period to reduce the number of watering, as appropriate to add.

Nasturtium Temperature Care

The most suitable temperature of Nasturtium is 18 ~ 24℃, afraid of high temperature, high temperature in summer is not easy to blossom, higher than 35℃ to slow down or stop growth. Nasturtium is not hardy and can survive only for a short time at 0 ° C. Winter temperatures should be higher than 10 ° C to facilitate winter survival. When we care for Nasturtium, it can be maintained when the temperature is controlled at 12 ~ 16℃ in winter with suitable fertilizer and water.

Nasturtium Fertilizer Care

Nasturtium growing period can be applied once a month 20% of the stale bean water, once every half a month in the flowering period 0.5% superphosphate or cooked chicken and duck dung water, after the flower applied once 30% of the stale bean water. When we care for Nasturtium, it does not fertilize in summer and applies a compound overwintering fertilizer in late autumn, which facilitates cold resistance and next year's growth.

Nasturtium Pests & Disease Care

Most diseases that can affect nasturtiums are fungal. When we care for Nasturtium, keeping the foliage dry, spacing the plants correctly and removing dead or infected plant material prevents these diseases or keeps them from spreading. Nasturtiums also rarely suffer from pest problems, although aphids, mealybugs and mites may feed on the foliage. If the pest population becomes severe, rinse the insects from the leaves with a sharp spray of water. You can also spray aphids and other soft-bodied insects with insecticidal soap. Repeat the soap application every three days until the pests are gone.

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