How to Grow and Care for Mother of Hundreds Cactus

Written by Maggie

Dec 06 2021

How to Grow and Care for Mother of Hundreds Cactus

How to grow and care for a mother of hundreds? Mother of Hundreds cactus is a kind of green plant, its stem is spherical to the rod body and it is grayish green, and Mother of Hundreds is a kind of green plant of the genus Papillomas of the family Cactus. Mother of Hundreds gives out the bright red flowers throughout the whole process, which set off with the milky white wool on the top of the ball, so it is often used as a common room fleshy. Today, we will about how to grow and care for the Mother of Hundreds and how it propagates.

Mother of Hundreds Cactus Temperature Care

Mother of hundreds cactus loves to grow in the warm and high environmental humidity environment. Its environment can bear on dry mania, but can't let it immediately in the light of the sun. It’s most appropriate growth room temperature is 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. When we grow and care for mother of hundreds in the winter to keep temperature at 0 degrees Celsius is not prone to the condition of main stem frostbite.

Soil for Mother of Hundreds Cactus

We can select the humus soil plus Garden soil and its coarse sand compounds to carry out culture, if the soil can ensure the richness and looseness; When we grow and care for mother of hundreds cactus, a moderate amount of base fertilizer can be placed.

Mother of Hundreds Cactus Light Requirements

Mother of Hundreds like to grow in the scattered light source and half shade environment, it can not accept the irradiation of the sun, in the summer the hand should pay attention to help it do a good job in the sun isolation solution. When we grow and care for mother of hundreds, we can put it in more areas of astigmatism. In the winter it is best to be able to put it in the environment of 1-5 degrees Celsius.

care for a mother of hundreds

Mother of Hundreds Cactus Watering

Mother of Hundreds cactus loves to make the environment humidity grow, but also can not be too much watering which leads to water retention, otherwise it will cause root decay. When we grow and care for mother of hundreds, usually we can use the sprayer to grow around the environment to carry out moisturizing and hydrating solution;If you make sure to give it a moderate amount of water during hot weather conditions, you can reduce the amount of water used in winter at that time.

Mother of Hundreds Cactus Fertilizer

Mother of Hundreds Cactus is more suitable for long term fertilizing, so you can give it a certain amount of base fertilizer when it's moving. When we grow and care for a mother of hundreds, a thinner liquid fertilizer once or twice a month, but you have to reduce the amount of fertilizer when it comes to winter.

Mother of Hundreds Cactus Propagation

The most common simple and quick way to propagate Mother of Hundreds cactus is cuttings, directly cutting Mother of Hundreds ball cuttings, cultivation in the fertile sandy loam, very easy to survive.

care for a mother of hundreds