Mexican sedum: how to grow and care for Mexican sedum

Written by Maggie

Oct 15 2021

Mexican sedum: how to grow and care for Mexican sedum

Mexican Sedum is easy to grow and care for. Use special soil for growing it, or make it more breathable if you make your own soil. Make sure the plants get plenty of sun during farming, but avoid exposure to the sun in summer. Water needs to be replenished in time during the growing season and the soil should be kept slightly moist. To propagate, the leaf insertion method is recommended. The following are growing Mexican Sedum care.

Mexican Sedum Soil Care

Soil permeability, potted plant breeding is to choose the appropriate soil cultivation, and mexican sedum in soil is best to buy more meat is special soil, so plant later also won't affect the growth of plants. When we grow and care for Mexican Sedum, we must give priority to loose good ventilation, drainage, not too heavy.

Mexican Sedum Lighting Requirements

Mexican Sedum is very fond of light, so when we grow and care for Mexican Sedum, it is necessary to ensure adequate sunlight, but it is afraid of being exposed to strong light. Especially in the high temperature and strong light in summer, shading measures must be taken to avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it is easy to get sunburned. In other seasons, adequate sunlight can be received.

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Mexican Sedum Watering

Water is also important for Mexican sedum when we grow and care for Mexican Sedum during an indispensable part of growth, in the Mexican sedum vigorous growth period, to make slightly moist soil conservation, water shortage. Timely supplement moisture, but to avoid flooding, don't have the soil water condition, especially beginners to watering must control the good water, water usually has to wait until after the soil dry out in the water.

Mexican Sedum Propagation

The method of propagation of Mexican sedum is mainly leaf insertion. Take off the healthy leaves lying flat on the slightly wet soil surface, the temperature and humidity is enough, it is easy to root. No water in winter, Mexican Sedum can withstand the low temperature of minus 5 degrees. The temperature seems to have little effect on it and is able to grow all year round if the light is sufficient and red all year round.

care for Mexican sedum