How to Grow and Care for Crassula Springtime

Written by Maggie

Feb 08 2021

How to Grow and Care for Crassula Springtime

Crassula Springtime is an unusual succulent plant that blooms every year when spring comes, and it's very fragrant and fragrant, and it smells really good. And how to grow and care for Crassula Springtime? This plant does not need artificial fertilization and can also grow very well, usually in the maintenance of the time only need to pay attention to the soil, watering, light and temperature these four aspects. Of course, if you want to grow fast, you need to know its propagation methods.

Crassula springtime Care

1. Suitable soil quality

When selecting a medium for Crassula Springtime, be sure to select soils with good drainage and air permeability. When we grow and care for Crassula Springtime, a mix of peat soil with some cinder is good, and it is best to separate the crassula springtime plant from the soil surface for easier ventilation. Succulents are especially afraid of waterlogging, so pot soil must be better drainage!

2. Appropriate watering

When we grow and care for Crassula Springtime, water crassula springtime at a limited rate. Water crassula springtime twice a month during the spring and summer.In summer, high temperature water once a week; When the temperature is below 5 degrees in winter, stop watering and keep the soil dry.If the soil is not dry at ordinary times do not need to water, if it has been dry, water a permeable.

3. Reasonable lighting

Spring and summer are the season when Crassula Springtime grows fast. When we grow and care for Crassula Springtime, give it a full day's worth of light and allow it to withstand even the glare of summer light so it doesn't have to worry about being sunburned. For Crassula Springtime to bloom, it needs as much light as possible. In winter, it can be placed indoors in a sunny area to encourage Crassula Springtime to bloom the following year.

4. Control the temperature

The suitable temperature for the growth of Crassula Springtime is between 10 ℃ and 25℃. If the temperature is too high in summer, Crassula Springtime will enter a short dormant period. When we grow and care for Crassula Springtime in winter, the temperature should not be lower than 3℃ to avoid frostbite and death. When passing the winter, we must keep the soil dry in the basin, otherwise the root will rot. 

5. Control of common diseases and insect pests

Aphids/scale insects

Generally speaking, Crassula Springtime has no obvious disease, except that it attracts aphids and scale insects during the flowering season. When we grow and care for Crassula Springtime, if the insect pest is less, you can capture and kill manually, you can use a soft brush to brush the insect pest, if the insect pest is serious on Xu Eurasia spray special insecticide for control.


This disease is caused by the plant is too dense and poor ventilation, the main part of the disease in the plant stem and stem node, there will be some pale brown spots, such as not timely treatment spots will expand. When we grow and care for Crassula Springtime, we need to cut the plant in time, and then use anthrax Fu Mei and other special agents for prevention and control.

care for Crassula Springtime

Crassula Springtime Propagation

1. Sow propagation

For large-scale propagation of Crassula Springtime, the seeds of Crassula Springtime can be sown on the prepared seedbed and then covered with a thin layer of soil to keep warm and moist.Keeping the temperature at 21 ° C, Crassula Springtime seeds germinate in about a week.

2. Cutting propagation

There are many methods of cutting propagation of Crassula Springtime. One is leaf cutting, that is, cutting with the leaves of Crassula Springtime. This method is more convenient, but the survival rate is low. The second method is root insertion, in which a small segment of Crassula Springtime rhizome with buds is intercepted and buried in the soil, and new plants will grow out of the bud points on the roots.The third is the cutting method. The upper part of Crassula Springtime is cut down, leaving the rhizome to continue to grow, and the cut part is used for cutting propagation.

3. Plant division propagation

After the Crassula Springtime grows to a certain point, some small plants will grow in clusters. These small plants with roots can be taken out from the soil and then moved to a new pot soil for planting. Due to the existence of roots, it usually adapts and grows in about a week.

care for Crassula Springtime