How Much Light Does Verbena Need?

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

How Much Light Does Verbena Need?
Verbena has a large demand for direct light. If there is not enough sunshine in the growth environment, photosynthesis cannot be carried out. If it is planted in a place where there is no sunshine, the leaves will turn yellow and there should be enough sunshine. However, in summer, we should let Verbena avoid strong light.

Can Verbena Live In Shade?

Verbena does not require too much light, and the negative tolerance of Verbena is also good. Generally speaking, it is OK to put it in a semi shade place, not in a dark place for a long time. When strong light appears, you must remember to cover it to avoid the harm of strong light.

How Much Light Does Verbena Need During Growth Period?

Verbena seeds need plenty of sunshine both in the germination process and in the growth process. Of course, if the sun is too hot, it will also affect the growth of broad-leaved Verbena, so normal light is OK.
The flowering period of Verbena is from June to August and does not bloom in winter. How to maintain the flowering period of Verbena? During the maintenance, we should ensure the light duration of Verbena for more than 6 hours every day, but avoid being exposed to the sun in summer. Try to put Verbena in a place with bright light and do a good job in heatstroke prevention.
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How Much Light Does Verbena Need
Verbena should grow and develop in the natural environment with full light. If it is planted in the natural environment with insufficient light, its growth and development will be poor. Long light (more than 14 hours) should be shown to induce the bloom of Verbena (sunlight sensitive type). Short light (less than 12 hours) in the early stage of pre seedling should promote sufficient nutritional growth, and long light should be given to Verbena in the middle and late stage to stimulate flower bud differentiation, growth and development.

What If Verbena Doesn't Have Enough Light?

If Verbena does not get enough light, it will not only affect its natural growth, but also make the branches of Verbena grow in vain and make the leaves gradually lose color. Therefore, it must be maintained under the sun at ordinary times. However, the sun is too strong in summer, so it needs to be carefully maintained under astigmatism.
Generally, in the process of taking care of Verbena, in addition to giving enough sunshine, we should also provide it with sufficient water and nutrients in time. We should trim it properly in summer and autumn every year, so as to make Verbena grow better and make it bloom beautiful flowers.

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