How To Grow Verbena From Seed?

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

How To Grow Verbena From Seed?
Verbena is a flower with high ornamental value. Its flower color is purple, which is similar to lavender. Some people often admit it wrong, so it is often used to replace lavender and can be used to create a flower sea landscape. So how to plant Verbena from seeds?

Select The Appropriate Sowing Time

Verbena is usually sown in April. The climate in April is relatively mild and the temperature will generally reach 15 degrees. Such climatic conditions are very suitable for the germination and growth of Verbena lanceolata. Many growers will choose to sow Verbena seeds in April.
The sowing time of Verbena seed can not be selected at will, because Verbena willow has certain requirements on the ambient temperature during germination, so we must pay attention to the ambient temperature when selecting the sowing time. Verbena lanceolata needs to germinate and grow in a mild environment. Generally, the ambient temperature needs to be about 15 to 25 degrees to make the seeds of Verbena lanceolata germinate normally. Most growers will choose to plant verbena in spring and autumn, because the climate in these two seasons is mild and can meet the germination needs of Verbena seeds.

Select the appropriate sowing environment

How To Grow Verbena From Seed
Verbena likes the sandy soil with deep soil layer. After selecting the planting land, it should be ploughed, about 18 ~ 25 cm should be excavated, then enough base fertilizer should be applied, and then the land should be leveled. This provides a suitable soil environment for Verbena, which can make the seed germination rate higher and the plants grow more vigorously.
Verbena lanceolata likes to grow in a warm environment. It grows well in an environment of 20 to 30 degrees. It is a cold intolerant plant. As long as the temperature is below 10 degrees, the normal growth of Verbena lanceolata will be affected. Therefore, when encountering low temperature weather, take cold proof measures, and try to choose a mild environment to cultivate it. Verbena lanceolata is a plant that is not resistant to concealment. The concealment environment will lead to the slow growth of Verbena lanceolata and affect its growth quality. Growers should choose a sunny environment to cultivate it.

Sowing Verbena Seeds

The sowing time of Verbena seeds is April and May. The climate at this time is more suitable for its growth and is very favorable for seed germination. Its seeds are sown by sowing. The seeds are evenly sown in the soil. The soil layer covered is about 12 cm thick. After covering the soil layer, press it again to make the soil and seeds more closely combined. When sowing Verbena willow, growers need to ensure that the soil environment is moist and fertile, and the ambient temperature should be about 20 degrees, so that they can sow. When sowing, pay attention to the sowing density and keep the distance between seeds at about 15cm.
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How To Harvest Verbena?

Verbena Maintenance Management 

During the growth of Verbena, it needs to be watered frequently. The soil cannot be too dry. There is enough water to make it grow normally. However, in rainy seasons, we should do a good job in drainage, do not let the soil accumulate water, and loosen the soil after rain, so as not to let the soil harden and affect the root respiration. In addition, when planting Verbena, weed should be removed in time to ensure that no weeds affect the growth of plants.

Verbena Disease Control

In fact, there are few diseases in the growth process of Verbena. This problem is also caused by the root diseases caused by soil ponding, so we must do a good job of drainage and soil loosening in time. In addition, some chemicals can be sprayed to prevent the occurrence of diseases and insect pests and avoid major problems. Verbena is similar to lavender in shape, but it is better fed than lavender. It has strong adaptability and vitality, and can be planted in many places. Now some areas in China will use it to create a flower sea landscape. After planting and opening in pieces, it will form a purple flower sea, which is extremely beautiful and loved by people.