Is Verbena Toxic to Dogs?

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

Is Verbena Toxic to Dogs?
Verbena flower is not toxic. Not only is there no poison, Verbena is also a very good drug introduction in traditional medicine. Moreover, Verbena has beautiful flowers and high ornamental value.

What is Verbena?

Generally speaking, Verbena is non-toxic to dogs, and Verbena can be used as medicine. Verbena contains verbenoside, verbenol, tannin and volatile oil. Its injection has a good effect in controlling malaria symptoms and killing malaria parasites; Its water and alcohol extracts have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects; Its decoction can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and Shigella flexneri, and kill Leptospira. In traditional medicine, the whole herb is used as medicine. It is slightly cold in nature and bitter in taste. It can break blood and dredge menstruation and cut malaria. It is mainly used to treat joint pain, traumatic injury, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, malaria and other symptoms; Root can cure dysentery and malaria.
Is Verbena Toxic to Dogs

Is The Verbena Flower Toxic?

Verbena flower has no toxicity, and the flowers of Verbena are very beautiful, and the ornamental value of Verbena is also very high. When we add some Verbena to some drugs and make them into drugs, they can play a role in the treatment of influenza. At the same time, some people will suffer from headache, dizziness or nausea and vomiting after taking medicine. These reactions are the embodiment of Verbena.
We need to understand the relevant taboo groups, because some people's physique is not suitable for taking. Then Verbena is not suitable for people with spleen deficiency or weak stomach qi. Even if such people have the symptoms of damp heat and blood heat, they can't be used easily, because we can see from the side effects of Verbena that if this type of people use Verbena as medicine, the side effects will be more obvious.
We also need to pay attention to the right medicine to avoid other harm to our body. So if there is an incurable sore, don't use Verbena easily, because the side effects of Verbena may make you unable to overcome its toxicity because your body is weak, so as to bring some other diseases to your body.