How To Prune Verbena?

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

How To Prune Verbena?
Verbena is a kind of plant with dense flowers and strong fragrance. It can attract people's attention whether it is sown indoors or in the courtyard, so the sown area is becoming larger and larger.
Verbena can be pruned in August, so that it can produce beautiful flowers in September and October. That is to repair when Verbena branches, cut off those branches that are not very good and lack nutrition, and let nutrients be provided to other branches. When the flowers wither in November, there is no need to prune. At this time, the cyan of the leaves can be maintained until the next spring, and then prune in spring.

Flowering time of Verbena

The flowering period of Verbena seeds is relatively long, which can generally last about three months, so it is the flowering time of Verbena willow from midsummer to autumn. Moreover, if we manage the flowering period in advance, the flowering time of Verbena will continue to late autumn. And Verbena also needs to be trimmed during flowering.
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Verbena Flower Pruning

Verbena has a large number of bud germination because of its fast branching speed. However, in order to make its bud quality better, we can trim some unhealthy branches when it branches, so as to provide sufficient nutrients for other branches, so that its flowering effect will be better.
How To Prune Verbena

Verbena Watering and Fertilization

Verbena is a kind of plant that likes water sources. Its growth speed is relatively slow under drought conditions, so we need to water every two days in summer, and the principle of watering must be thorough.

Verbena Ventilation Treatment

Verbena is a kind of plant that likes ventilation very much. If we don't do a good job in plant row spacing during cultivation, it will affect the growth of their leaves and lead to the lodging of willow verbena. Therefore, if we cultivate Verbena lanceolata in the shed, we need to ventilate the shed in advance and do a good job in plant spacing.