How To Propagate Verbena?

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

How To Propagate Verbena?
Verbena has three propagation modes: sowing propagation, root cutting and branch propagation. Although the propagation method of sowing can plant a large number of plants in a very short time, it takes a long time to see the flowers, so the only advantage of the introduction method is a large number. The propagation method of cutting is not only simple, but also can blossom in a short time. But the number of propagation is very limited.

Propagating Verbena From Seeds

Verbena seeds are suitable for germination in an environment of 20 to 25 degrees, so growers generally choose spring or autumn to plant verbena seeds. As long as we use the right method to sow Verbena seeds, it will germinate and sprout in about 10 days, and the germination rate is generally up to 85%.
Before sowing Verbena seeds, we need to clean up the weeds in the soil environment to avoid weeds competing with Verbena for nutrients. In addition, we also need to dig deep into the soil to make the soil fully contact with the air, which will help to improve the germination rate of Verbena seeds.
For Verbena seedling cultivation, loam or sandy loam with thick soil layer shall be selected as the planting land. The ploughing depth shall be 18 ~ 25cm. 2000 ~ 2500kg fully decomposed stable manure shall be applied per mu as the base fertilizer. It shall be made into a border with a width of 50cm and a height of 15cm. The border surface shall be raked, and a working path of 25 ~ 30cm shall be reserved between the two borders. It can also be made into a small ridge of farmland.
Verbena is sown in April and may, and is sown in trenches. First of all, we can rake the soil on the border fine, dig ditches along the border at a distance of 5 cm from the border, with a row spacing of 25 ~ 30 cm and a ditch depth of 15 ~ 2 cm, and step on the bottom grid, Then apply a small amount of biological fertilizer as base fertilizer (organic fertilizer and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer), with an amount of 15 ~ 20kg per mu. Cover the fertilizer with a little soil, evenly sprinkle the seeds, cover the soil with a thickness of 1 ~ 1.5cm, and slightly suppress. The number of seeds per mu of land is 0.5kg.
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Propagating Verbena From Cuttings

We can choose healthy terminal buds to propagate verbena in spring and summer. They can grow into independent seedlings in about 4 weeks.
How To Propagate Verbena

Propagating Verbena From Divisions

We can dig out the whole Verbena in spring, be careful not to hurt its roots, and then cut it into multiple plants. Each Verbena should have a small root and plant it in the soil.

Functional Value of Verbena

Verbena is very spectacular when it blooms. Its flowers are small and lush, and the colors are very bright. It is a good ornamental plant. Verbena also has good medicinal value. Its whole grass can be used as medicinal materials, which can clear away heat, detoxify, diuresis and detumescence.