How Much Light Does Parlor Palm Needs?

Written by Ivy

Dec 24 2021

How Much Light Does Parlor Palm Needs?
Parlor Palm loves bright and indirect light. The temperature of the Parlor Palm needs to be controlled during spring. In early spring, we need to move the Parlor Palm into the indoor environment. The daily illumination time of the Parlor Palm can be about 8 hours. At the same time, watering should be carried out reasonably. The water should be poured every 2 days. At the same time, the loose soil should be replaced and some base fertilizer should be added.
The Parlor Palm grows vigorously in spring, and the demand for light is also high. We need to place the Parlor Palm in an astigmatic environment every day. The light time can be about 8 hours. In late spring, the light at noon is relatively strong, so it needs to be shaded for a period of time.
How Much Light Does Parlor Palm Needs
When the light is strong in summer, we need to semi shade and maintain Parlor Palm or plant it indoors where there is no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can be accepted in winter, spring and late autumn. Parlor Palm prefers semi shady places. Astigmatism maintenance is best. If Parlor Palm is illuminated by strong light, the leaf color will be withered and yellow, but if it is placed in places with insufficient light for a long time, the plant will become thin and long. During the seedling culture period or growing season of Parlor Palm, especially in summer and autumn, it is necessary to shield the plant from 60% sunlight, otherwise the leaves will be dry, yellow or burned. In winter and spring, Parlor Palm seedlings should be exposed to sufficient scattered light.
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