Fuchsia plant care: Fuchsia growing tips

Written by Maggie

Nov 05 2021

Fuchsia plant care: Fuchsia growing tips

To grow and care for Fuchsia well, it is necessary to understand the growth requirements of Fuchsia, such as the environment, soil, watering, lighting and other habits. The following is to sort out growing Fuchsia care.

1. Environment care for growing Fuchsia 

Fuchsia likes a cool and humid environment, afraid of high temperature and strong light. When we take care of fuchsia in winter, the environment should be warm and humid, with sufficient sunshine and smooth air. A cool, semi-cloudy environment in summer.

The suitable growth temperature of the Fuchsia is 15-25℃. When we take care of fuchsia, the temperature can not be lower than 5℃ in winter. If the summer temperature is as high as 30℃, the growth rate is slow, if the temperature is easy to wither and die at 35℃. (Find more fall plants here.)

2. Soil care for growing FuchsiaFuchsia

Fuchsia potted with fertile, loose, well-drained loam soil, potting soil can be used with leaf rot soil and quality loam soil. When we take care of fuchsia, to add some decomposed organic fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer mixed, do not recommend flower friends to apply basal fertilizer, to avoid rotting roots.

3. Lighting care for growing Fuchsia

Fuchsia likes light but is afraid of strong light. When we grow and care for Fuchsia flower, it can be maintained under scattered light. When it comes to high temperature in summer, it needs to be shaded or moved to indoor maintenance.

4. Watering requirements

In the spring and summer, florists can spray the leaves with water once or twice a day.

When we grow and care for Fuchsia flower in winter, we need to strictly control watering, at the same time to stop fertilization, to avoid rotting roots or freezing damage.

care for Fuchsia

5. Fertilization care for growing Fuchsia

The growth rate of Fuchsia is very fast. When we grow and care for Fuchsia during the growth period, the need for thin fertilizer frequently applied, generally applied every 10 days 1 time thin cake fertilizer or compound fertilizer can be,

When we grow and care for Fuchsia flower during the flowering period, Fuchsia can be applied once a month with liquid fertilizer based on phosphorus and potassium .Summer high temperature season, can stop fertilization. In addition, before fertilization, to keep the basin soil dry,

And after fertilization, spray water with a fine sprinkler once to avoid the fertilizer water sticking to the leaf surface leading to decay.

6. Pruning care for growing Fuchsia

In winter, the core of Fuchsia needs to be picked. When we take care of fuchsia, generally, the tender shoots of 5cm to 6cm at the top can be cut off to promote more branching of branches. In addition to the summer dormant period, flower friends can be weak branches, long branches cut off.

If it is a newly cultivated young plant, wait until the young plant grows to 20cm to 30cm, and can be removed to set the stem, promote lateral branch growth, so as to form a branching multi-plant form.

7. Growing Fuchsia care for pests control

The diseases commonly encountered in Fuchsia are blight and rust, and can be potted with rust and acetic acid to prevent the blight.

When we take care of fuchsia, place it in a well ventilated environment for growth, otherwise there will be aphids, whitefly, scale shell insects, and these pests can use oxidation fruit spray.

8. Growing Fuchsia care in summer

When we take care of fuchsia in summer, it needs to avoid light, generally moved to indoor maintenance or shade treatment, avoid direct sunlight in summer, at the same time to strengthen the environment ventilation and cool.

9. Growing Fuchsia care in winter

Fuchsia is afraid of the cold. If the temperature is below 5℃, there will be freezing damage. When we take care of fuchsia in winter, Fuchsia potted plants should be put on the balcony with light for maintenance to ensure sufficient light.

care for Fuchsia

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