Do Tulips Bloom More Than Once

Written by Ivy

Dec 11 2021

Do Tulips Bloom More Than Once
Tulip is a kind of bulbs flower loved by people. You can see tulip flowers in the park every spring. It's very beautiful. Because tulip bulbs will degenerate, when the flowers begin to fail, sanitation workers will dig out bulbs and discard them. Many people think tulips are disposable and can only be opened for one year. In fact, tulips can bloom more than once.

Florescence of Tulips

Parrot Tulips usually bloom between April and May every year, which can last more than 20 days. However, the length of flowering also depends on the usual maintenance. If the environment provided during flowering is more suitable, the flowering time will be appropriately prolonged. On the contrary, if the environment is not suitable, the flowers will wither in advance. (Read more about growing parrot tulips.)

Do Tulips Bloom More Than Once?

Although tulip bulbs will degenerate, they can still be compound flowers. Spring flowers are still very beautiful, but slightly smaller than the flowers of the first generation of balls. Although tulip has the characteristics of perennial, and its bulbs can also be planted repeatedly. However, the next-generation ball has obvious advantages. The next generation, the lower the quality of bulbs. Therefore, although tulip bulbs can be planted repeatedly, they may not blossom repeatedly.

How to Make Tulips Bloom More Than Once?

In order to make tulip bulbs not only take root and germinate, but also flowers smoothly, two conditions need to be met. One condition is to raise bulbs after flowering, and the other condition is that bulbs should be vernalized at low temperature. Of course, we also need to do a good job in daily maintenance and management after repeated planting.
Generally, parrot tulips should cut off the residual flowers in time after flowering, add light to it and restore water and fertilizer management. In this way, continue to raise the ball for more than one month. When the summer comes, the bulbs will expand and basically complete the ball raising. Tulip has the characteristics of cold resistance and heat resistance. After summer, the aboveground part will wither and bulbs will sleep. At that time, we will pilling it for preservation.
Bulbs Caring is a key condition for repeated planting and ensuring flowering. Because tulip consumes a lot of nutrients in bulbs during the first round of flowering, if we want to use the female ball to continue to reproduce, take root, germinate and bloom, we need to raise the ball for more than one month to fully accumulate nutrition and energy until the bulbs become expanded and strong.
Of course, tulip natural bulbs must be vernalized at low temperature before planting, or they must be planted in autumn after being refrigerated in the refrigerator for 1-2 months; Or let it spend the cold winter and plant it after the spring of the next year. Without low-temperature vernalization treatment, tulips usually do not bloom, even if tulip bulbs can take root and germinate smoothly after repeated planting. Therefore, if we want tulip bulbs to bloom repeatedly, we must take good care of tulip bulbs.
However, we can also plant the first generation of tulip balls repeatedly without tulip balls. After all, the second generation of balls can not be comparable to the first generation of balls. Because tulip has a strong ability of meristematic growth, after raising the ball, many sub balls can be divided around the mother ball. As long as we raise the sub ball strong enough and then Vernalize it at low temperature, the effect of planting will be much better than that of the second generation ball.

How to Prolong the Flowering Period of Tulips?

  • Suitable temperature: tulips are afraid of a high-temperature environment. It is best to control the temperature properly during flowering. The most suitable temperature is between 15 ℃ and 20 ℃, which can prolong the flowering period. If the temperature is too high, the flowers will fall early.
  • Sufficient light: if you want to prolong its flowering period and make the flowers bloom more vigorously, you should let it bask in the sun more. Put it in the daylighting place to ensure that it can get enough sun. If you put it in the shade for a long time, the flower buds can not differentiate, the number of flowers will be reduced, and the ones that have opened will wither in advance.
  • Reasonable fertilizer and water: it naturally needs more nutrients for flowering than usual. It should be fertilized before flowering, and sufficient nutrients should be applied to ensure the demand for nutrients during flowering. It is best to apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer every ten days, and stop fertilizing in time when flowering. In addition, pay attention to the amount of watering. Reduce watering during flowering. Before each watering, first look at the dry and wet conditions of the soil. When it is dry, pour it again, a few times.